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Peloton in comparison

The latest trend among networked fitness equipment are indoor bikes with interactive software and large touchscreen displays that make it possible to take part in indoor cycling courses within your own four walls. The online courses are offered live or on demand and are intended to create a “we-feeling” among the trainees and thus increase training motivation.

This is an example of this NordicTrack Indoor Cycle S10i. Another fanatic is now starting in Germany with Peloton. In our clear table at the end of this article you can find Peloton compared to similar fitness apps.

Networked indoor bikes with interactive apps should convey the feeling of being there live in the classroom. While a course trainer on the display of the bike drives you to increase the speed at the right beats or to ride standing for the next 60 seconds, a group feeling can quickly arise, which ensures that you are having more fun, a higher intensity and overall are trained more often.

In addition, the online courses offered can be accessed at any time from all providers. This creates a high degree of flexibility for your own training.

So if you want to quickly do a high-intensity indoor cycling training under supervision before the big Christmas dinner, even though the gym is closed for Christmas, you can do this with the training apps presented here.

Read on to see how Peloton compares to other fitness apps.

Peloton in comparison: the indoor cycling app at a glance

Peloton offers more than 1000 online indoor cycling courses for users on its platform. In addition, subscribers are offered more than 90 live courses at different times of the week for streaming. Peloton unfolds its full potential in combination with the corresponding Peloton Bike, which has a large 21.5 inch touchscreen display.

The large display shows which other participants are training at the same time. The peloton community is the platform's great motivator. However, a German community still has to be formed after the market launch.

  • Price: 2290.00 for the Peloton Bike
  • Subscription: € 39 per month
  • Compatible training equipment: Peloton bike, Peloton treadmill (not yet available in Germany), from 2020 the app should also be able to be used with other indoor bikes in Germany. Then it should be compatible with the Schwinn Speed ​​Bike IC8, among other things.
  • Platforms: console of the Peloton bike, iOS

iFIT app at a glance

The iFIT app follows a similar concept to Peloton and offers live and on demand workouts. The iFIT workout library includes 1500 workouts for various fitness machines. The majority of the workouts are designed for endurance training and are led by world-class trainers. In addition, there are also workouts for strength training that you can complete at the compatible multi-gyms.

The special feature of the iFIT app: In contrast to Peloton, you can have the training resistance and incline automatically controlled by the app when fitness equipment is connected. During a live training session, iFIT automatically adjusts the speed, incline and resistance of the fitness machine to follow exactly what the trainer is doing.

If that's too hard for you, you can overwrite the automatic settings and train at your own pace. An iFIT subscription can be connected to various compatible training devices. The list of compatible training devices currently includes 54 fitness devices. Including indoor bikes, cross trainers, multi-gyms, treadmills and rowing machines.

BkoolFitness app at a glance

The Bkool Fitness App ensures varied workouts in your home. With hundreds of specialty courses from experienced instructors, you can experience the fitness experience within your own four walls. You are in full control, choose a time that suits you, the intensity and the duration, and enjoy the training experience. "Improve, train and have fun" is the motto of the Bkool Fitness App.

The best indoor cycling instructors have developed special workouts to help you achieve your goals. The biggest highlight of the app: the courses adapt to your physical condition. Before the first training session, you will take a fitness test. The result of the test is the basis for the intensity of the training units. You set your own goals and your own rhythm and thus determine exactly how you train.

Bkool also offers the Bkool Cycling App. The app is a very realistic cycling simulator. With Bkool Cycling you can join the global Bkool community. In it you train without limits, you can compete in leagues and drive down unlimited routes in 3D, video or with the virtual map.

Kinomap: over 160,000 km around the world

With the Kinomap app you can experience fitness and fun anywhere and anytime. You experience training routes from all over the world and can conveniently monitor your training progress. With Kinomap you become part of a large and growing community and can travel to known and unknown destinations at any time and from anywhere in the world.

So you not only have the opportunity to redesign your training every day and discover new places every day, but you also really feel involved in every video. The resistance or the incline is transferred directly to your fitness equipment from the height profile of the current video. This makes the training even more realistic. In total, you can travel over 160,000 km around the world with Kinomap.

  • Subscription: 9.99 per month
  • Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Compatible fitness equipment: If you want a little more comfort during training than on most indoor bikes, the cardiostrong exercise bike BX70i Kinomap bundle is the perfect combination of a sporty exercise bike and lifelong access to the Kinomap app.
  • The list of compatible fitness equipment is very long. Here are some examples: Taurus indoor bike Z9 Pro, cardiostrong exercise bike BX60 Touch, cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX80 Touch, cardiostrong elliptical cross trainer EX90 Plus Touch, Taurus treadmill T9.9 Touch.
  • Kinomap is basically compatible with all rowing machines. It is, in my opinion, by far the most beautiful app for rowing. Since water resistance (on real water) is actually always the same, the speed can be determined very precisely by moving the person rowing back and forth. The back and forth can easily be recorded by the front camera (no Bluetooth required!).
  • You will also find a compatibility checker here!

Table: Peloton vs. other fitness apps

providersPelotoniFITBkool FitnessKinomap
Type of offerLive + on-demand workoutsOn-demand workoutsOn-demand workouts / cycling simulatorCycling simulator with 189,827 km of courses for cycling, running or rowing
Number of compatible fitness equipment254Bkool roller trainers and those that are compatible with ANT + FE-C.The list of compatible fitness equipment is very long. See examples above.
Platformsown fitness equipment, iOScompatible devices, iOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Indoor bike price2290 €1499 €from € 319.90no hardware of their own
Price softwareSubscription: € 39 per monthSubscription: € 13.57 per monthSubscription: € 9.99 per monthSubscription: € 9.99 per month

Peloton in comparison - conclusion

Compared to the other providers, the price for the Peloton Bundle is quite steep. In the first year you have to put 2758 euros on the table including subscription. Peloton lives from the community, which has yet to develop in Germany. In addition, the strong link between the hardware and the subscription also makes it somewhat dependent. The question remains: what else can I do with the bike if I should cancel the app at some point because I no longer want to pay 39 € per month.

iFIT is almost 50 percent cheaper and offers a comparable offer, with the exception of the live courses. Those who place less value on the group feeling will find a cost-effective alternative with Kinomap, which increases the motivation to exercise and offers over 180,000 km of routes for cycling, running or rowing.

In your opinion, how does Peloton compare to the other fitness apps? Leave us a comment!

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