What is the semi-empirical mass formula

Binding energy: (semi-) empirical mass formula from Bethe-Weizs├Ącker

  • B = av A - as A2 / 3 - ac Z (Z-1) A-1/3 - asym (A-2Z) 2 / A ap A-3/4

    Volume Surface Coulomb Symmetry Pairing Binding energy: (semi-) empirical mass formula from Bethe-Weizscker

  • History of the synthesis and discovery of super heavy elements (SHE) With Fermis method and the 60-cyclotron 7 Transurane could (Z = 93-98) Be synthesized. By irradiation of actinides with light ions the elements up Z = 106 could beProduced in Berkeley (CA, U.S.A.) and in Dubna (Ruland). (P. Armbruster, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, December 1996)

  • The Limits of Stabilityliquid dropmodel stabilization viashelleffectsZ = 100Island ofstability?

  • Synthesis of element 107Cold fusion: creation of a composite core with low excitation energy

  • Shell corrections Eshell in the region of the heavy elements P. Mller et al.at GSI: Elements 107-112 first synthesizedand unambiguouslyidentified107 Bh108 Hs109 Mt

  • Alpha decay is classically prohibited.

    Quantum mechanical tunnel effect

  • -Decay: half-life vs. Q-value

  • -Decay: Q-value versus mass number

  • Stop and backward detector array

  • 58Fe + 209Bi 267Mt * - an Example Chain

  • SHE Cross Section Systematic (1n ER Reactions) first hint for deviation from empirically observed trend from LBNL? X

  • SHE Cross Section Systematic (xn ER Reactions)

  • Time limits for the heavy element production

  • SHIPKinematic seperatorfusion of A = 40 to 80 projectiles with Pb, Bitarget: 0.5 mg / cm2energy 5 A MeVintens. 2-5 1012 ions / repetition rate 50 Hz pulse duration 6ms The SHIPTRAP Project

  • The SHIPTRAP Project Combined In-Flight and ISOL facility for fusion products Mass measurements for * trans-uranium elements * N = Z nucleiGas cellRFQ coolerand buncherPenning trap

  • 277112 kinematic separation in flight identification by - correlation to known nuclides Synthesis and Identification of SHE at SHIP