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Change the smartphone battery yourself - is it worth going to a specialist or is it possible to replace it yourself?

As a rule, the battery is charged by the smartphone once a day, maybe more often depending on use. Like every wear part, the capacity and performance of the battery decrease. Ultimately, the only thing that helps is replacing the battery so that the smartphone is ready for use again without any problems. However, the question arises whether you can change the smartphone battery yourself or visit a specialist.

What to do if the battery change is inevitable?

If the battery is empty again after a short period of use, this can often be annoying. A functioning smartphone is essential, especially when you are on the go and urgently need your smartphone, want to check emails or quickly check something on the Internet. So when the battery is slowly coming to an end, there is only one way out for many: going to a specialist. With old models, you can easily change the smartphone battery yourself. You can get a large number of batteries in the battery shop. The right battery for the respective smartphone can be selected and ordered there. But what about newer models? If you take a closer look at the battery shop, you will see that batteries for newer models are also available there.

High costs can be avoided

Do you have a new smartphone model? Then you have probably already noticed that it is no longer so easy to open. Whether iPhone or Samsung, replacing the battery can be a big hole in your wallet. Depending on the provider, the exchange can cost 100 euros. With an iPhone 6 plus, replacing the battery is associated with enormous costs of between 50 and 100 euros. In the battery shop you can clearly see that the battery does not even cost 20 euros. So why pay more than necessary when you can change the smartphone battery yourself. If you now assume that an original battery will be installed by a specialist, you are usually wrong, unless you have the battery changed directly in the Apple shop or a certified shop. Whereby it can be said that the costs are then even higher and that you are happy to have a price of 150 euros or more. Replacement batteries do not have to be of a poorer quality than original batteries.

How can you change the smartphone battery yourself?

Usually you can change the smartphone battery yourself. All you need is the right tool to open the smartphone. If your device is still under warranty, you must be aware that it will expire as soon as you open the smartphone. So here it is definitely worth visiting a certified specialist. If the device no longer has a guarantee, you can use the right tool to open the smartphone, replace the battery and have also saved yourself a lot of money.

What should you watch out for when replacing the battery?

Order the right battery for your device at Akkushop. Batteries from Apple, Samsung, Orange, Sagem and many other brands can be found in the shop. The batteries are assigned to the respective model so that you can find the right battery yourself. After ordering, the battery will be delivered immediately so that you can start replacing it immediately. Be sure to handle the device carefully. Once slipped with the tool, the sensitive inner workings could be damaged. Conclusion: You can change the smartphone battery yourself if you trust yourself. If the device is still under guarantee, it makes more sense to visit a certified shop so that the guarantee does not expire. However, if you want to save money, you can order a battery in the battery shop and replace it yourself with the right tool.