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Korea Information Security Management System

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first global cloud service provider to certify the Korea Information Security Management System (K-ISMS) had received. This certification helps companies and organizations in Korea to meet compliance requirements more effectively and accelerate the digital transformation of their business by leveraging the best-in-class technology provided with the highly secure and reliable AWS Cloud.

TheKorea Information Security Management System (K-ISMS) is a Korean government-backed certification approved by the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) sponsored and with the participation of Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) is awarded.

The K-ISMS was introduced in 2002 to meet the local legal and ICT environment requirements in Korea based on Article 47 (ISMS certification) of the Act on Promotion of Information Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Use of the data communication network and data protection). The K-ISMS serves as a standard for assessing whether companies and organizations operate and manage their information security management systems so consistently and securely that their information resources are adequately protected.

With this certification, companies and organizations in Korea that require K-ISMS certification can leverage the work that AWS is doing to reduce the time and cost of getting their own certification.

The AWS services offered as part of the K-ISMS certification can be found atAWS services in scope according to compliance program. Would you like to learn more about the use of these services and / or are you interested in other services, Contact us.