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Successful thanks to IT outsourcing: 3 examples of profitable cooperation between companies and IT service providers

What do Slack, WhatsApp and Alibaba have in common? They are big names in the corporate landscape. All three companies have a market value in the billions and generate growing sales every year. They owe their success to another thing they have in common - a strategically valuable decision. Through the Cooperation with external IT experts they were able to bring new perspectives and competencies into the company and improve their products and services. The Cooperation with IT service providers helped them to take a huge leap in corporate development. How the three companies managed to do it on a large scale from Benefit from IT outsourcing, read the following article.

1. Slack - Look & Feel in nearshoring

Slack is a messenger service and a collaboration tool for companies and helps teams with communication and internal organization. It is a cloud-based service that enables video telephony, document transfer and organization in various channels, among other things. Slack is particularly popular because of its fresh design and intuitive user interface. The US company got help for this. Slack has outsourced the design of the logo, the web application and the mobile app in the beta version to Metalab. The company from Vancouver, Canada specializes in interface design.

The design specialists were commissioned, among other things, to test the beta version of the software and to make suggestions for improvement. The external service provider has thus made a significant contribution to the look and feel of the Slack brand. With success: Thanks to the competent advice, Slack was able to build up a large user base in a very short time. They now have more than 12 million users every day.

2. WhatsApp - cost reduction through offshoring

Do you have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone? With a high probability! Because the Android version of the application alone has been downloaded over 5 billion times. Arguably the most popular messenger service for mobile devices, the journey began in 2009. With seed capital of just $ 250,000 from the first round of funding, the company needed to keep operating costs as low as possible. In 2012 WhatsApp only had 30 full-time employees and five part-time employees. IT outsourcing played a central role in app development. WhatsApp relied on cooperation with Eastern European developers. The Russian freelancer Igor Solomennikov was instrumental in the development of the iOS version of the messenger service. For a long time he was commissioned externally with the further development of the application for Apple devices. Meanwhile, the WhatsApp team concentrated on customer service and day-to-day business. Later Solomennikov was permanently employed. With a small budget and IT outsourcing, the company managed to develop one of the most successful applications of today. In 2014, WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $ 19 billion.

3. Alibaba - Gaining competence through external partners

In 1999, Chinese entrepreneur and former English teacher Jack Ma founded Alibaba. A decision by Ma to opt for IT outsourcing was decisive for the success of the company. He commissioned a US company to develop and design the Alibaba website. In the case of Alibaba, however, it was not about reducing costs, but about gaining skills that could not be found on site at the time. The decision in favor of an American service provider was also based on a strategic concern. Alibaba should be appealing to both Chinese and English-speaking customers. This international approach is bearing fruit. Because now Alibaba is the largest B2B online marketplace in the world. The so-called Singles ’Day will take place on November 11th. This is considered a bargain day and is used by online retailers worldwide for discount campaigns and special offers. Last year, Alibaba posted a sales record on this day: a total of 47.7 billion euros of goods were ordered on the trading platform.

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