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Presentation of Dakine MTB backpacks 2015

A backpack is essential on every tour. Dakine has updated its AMP (Cross Country, Allmountain) and Drafter (Gravity) models for 2015.

In addition to the helmet, the backpack is a mountain biker's best friend and indispensable on every tour. In addition to the most important tool for breakdowns of all kinds and replacement material, it also contains a supply of drinks, the necessary portion of solid energy in the form of bars and even wears the helmet when it is not needed. The backpack giant Dakine has therefore given its models an update for the new season.

AMP: all-round backpack in a fresh design

The AMP is Dakine's most successful model. It should be a backpack for all requirements. Resistant due to its nylon ripstop outer skin, flexible due to its different sizes, comfortable to wear due to wide, breathable shoulder straps and a back mesh and practical due to its compartmentalization. For the 2015 season, the AMP is available in the colors black, blue and olive as well as in the sizes 24 liters, 18 liters and 12 liters.

Dakine The AMP is Dakine's classic all-round backpack.

With side straps, the backpack can be adjusted in volume and to individual preferences. A helmet can be attached to the net, which is otherwise hidden on the underside of the backpack. In addition, the drinking tube has been revised on the models with an integrated reservoir, which can now be conveniently attached to the shoulder strap using a magnet. The AMP costs 130 euros for the 24-liter version, 120 euros with 18 liters and 110 euros with 12 liters. The models without an integrated reservoir are each 20 euros cheaper.

Dakine The Dakine AMP offers up to 24 liters of storage space.

Drafter: Backpack for rough terrain

With the Drafter, Dakine has added a backpack to its range that is specially adapted to the needs of downhill riders and enduro riders. The drafter is available in six different colors, but only with a volume of twelve liters. Protectors and a full face helmet or trail helmet can be attached to the outside of the backpack with straps.

Dakine The Drafter is specially adapted for gravity bikers. A full face helmet can also be accommodated here.

Sunglasses or goggles can be stowed safely in an extra compartment padded with fleece. Like the AMP, the Drafter has the revised drinking valve that can be attached to the shoulder strap using a magnet. The drafter with a three-liter water reservoir costs 100 euros, without 80 euros.

Dakine The Dakine Drafter is available in six colors, but only with a volume of 12 liters.

New travel bag and new pickup pad

For 2015 Dakine has also revised its 90 liter utility duffle travel bag and its pickup pad. In addition to a large main compartment, the travel bag also has a reinforced shoe compartment and a separate compartment for the helmet, in which a full-face helmet can be accommodated. Tools, oil and additional hoses can be stored in the side pockets of the Utility Duffle. It costs 100 euros.

Dakine A bag as it should be: functional, well divided. With an extra shoe compartment and helmet compartment, especially interesting for gravity events.

Anyone who transports their bike on the loading area of ​​a pickup can use the pickup pad to protect their bike and vehicle from damage. The pickup pad is triple reinforced for extra durability and is available in lengths of 137 cm and 158 cm. Cost: 95 euros.

Dakine A pickup pad. Well who needs ...