Would you fight me

Self-love # 2 - The daily fight against yourself and questions you should always have asked yourself!

Today I want to talk about the daily struggle with yourself, the insane one many people lead out there. This post is probably not result in you winning the fight or being able to shut it down immediately, but hopefully it will Strength and motivation give the fight to end sooner or later. To be able to simply conclude with that part of life and to be able to really enjoy life again.

What do I mean when I speak of "daily struggle"?

Quite simply, worrying every day, no matter what it is - things like: can I lose weight, how do I manage to eat as little as possible, but also to eat as healthily as possible and not end up in a binge eating. The fight against yourself, your body and the food. You know, food is actually something beautiful, food is your friend, because without him you cannot survive. Chocolate, chips, pizza or burgers are also allowed to be your "friends" in life, but maybe not every day 😉

So when I talk about the daily struggle, I am talking about the fight against yourself, the food and above all HIS BODY. We run around in panic and try everything possible to look even better and even thinner, we forego food with the hope of looking like person XY sooner or later, skip meals, cut meals in half and add one more cardio unit. We humans do all of this because we are dissatisfied, dissatisfied with ourselves, our figure or certain parts of the body. We are not only dissatisfied, no, I would even say that some people HATE themselves and their bodies! Yes, you read that right, there are people and I don't take myself out of it (even if it's really not as bad as it used to be) who hate themselves in front of their own reflection. In such moments, phases that can last for years or even a lifetime, you just want to crawl into your bed and never never get up again. The best thing to do is never eat anything again, and all just to fit into some ideal of beauty.

The thing with the punishment ...

Self-punishment is nothing too rare these days, for a meal that may be. If you had too many calories, you like to stand on the treadmill for 1 hour longer, skip a meal completely in the evening, or eat nothing the next day except maybe an apple ... and why? Because you fight against your own body yourself. If you look at it from the outside (& I can now mostly do that) you actually have to ask yourself the question "What kind of life is that?"


This is exactly the question that got everything rolling for me and may help you too! So just ask yourself "What kind of life are you leading ..." Is that how you imagined your life? Are you happy? and the most important question of all: Can you just CONTINUE?




Then stop it !!! Stop fighting YOURSELF and start wondering if you want to keep it that way. It helped me because when you have reached a point in your life where you just disgust yourself in front of the mirror and can no longer bear your own reflection, when you see everything about your body in a disgusting way ... you used to be or later no more strength. When you run out of strength, YOU have to take the chance and change something, no matter how hard it will be. If the desire for a "normal life" (well, a "normal life" is good for everyone is something different but by and large) is greater than your remaining strength to hate yourself then let go! Exactly then you have the opportunity to turn your life around 180 degrees!

& how exactly is that supposed to work?

I have no secret recipe for you, no “5 steps that you have to use to win or end the fight” but I have questions, questions that you should honestly answer yourself, about which you are concerned and within yourself deepest inner processed!

  1. As already written several times above (anyway I write it down AGAIN): What kind of life are you still leading?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. What would make you happy
  4. Do you think if you achieve what you dream you will be happier?
  5. Fulfilled?
  6. What would be different if you reached your DREAM FIGURE?
  7. How much would you give for it?
  8. How much strength do you have left?
  9. Do you want to torment yourself all your life?
  10. Do you want to punish yourself for eating every time?
  11. Hate yourself?
  12. Will you wage war all your life?
  13. Do you think those around you are happy with you?
  14. Isn't there anything more important?
  15. and the last question: What can you buy from your daily struggle on your deathbed? What did it bring you and was it all worth it?
  16. Was it worth doing 1 hour more cardio every day? Was it worth it to just eat one salad at a time? To cancel appointments and to forego all that delicious?

As I said, ask you these questions, please give yourself enough time, answer them honestly, carefully and calmly. After that, let me into the Comments know what is in your head, what you feel, what you think and above all HOW YOU FEEL. Did the questions move you? You can do this with a false name in the comments if you don't want me to read your real name, no one will see your email address. Write on it and wait to see what happens, I am very curious if you will embark on this "journey".

// 2nd part will follow next Sunday when you have dealt with the blog post

I press you, have a great Sunday and excuse the quality of the picture 🙂