Is Logan a sequel to Logan's Run

"Escape into the 23rd Century" remake: the director and screenwriter for the new "Logan's Run" have been announced

How Deadline writes, Simon Kinberg (makes his directorial debut in 2018 with "X-Men: Dark Phoenix") and Peter Craig ("The Town") were engaged to do a remake of the 70s sci-fi classic "Escape into the 23rd Century" to realize what is originally called "Logan's Run". As already reported, the tone of the new edition should be based on the "Hunger Games" films and be the potential start of a franchise. With “Mockingjay” author Craig, it is believed that they have found the right man for this job. Craig will write the script, while Simon Kinberg, who has historically been acted as both writer and producer on the project, will direct the film. Kinberg is a busy man: according to the same report, he's also currently writing the script for a “Star Wars” movie for Disney, likely a new spin-off.

The film adaptation of the novel "Escape into the 23rd Century" from 1976 is about an apparently utopian society governed by a computer in which the problem of overpopulation is solved by subjecting people who have reached their 30th year to a process of renewal. You will then be reborn, or so the claim is made. Anyone who wants to evade this measure is excluded from society as a "runner" and hunted down and hunted down by a special police unit, the so-called "sandmen". The sandman Logan 5 (originally Michael York) becomes a bitter opponent of the system in the course of the plot and joins a rebel group with Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter). Peter Ustinov and Farrah Fawcett can be seen in supporting roles.