What training do LEOs receive

Training with tradition

We have been giving young people a successful start in professional life for over 70 years. In the apprenticeship as a food salesman specializing in the butcher's shop or as a butcher, we can provide our trainees with high-quality, varied and exciting training.

Due to our wide range of offers, we are able to cover all facets of our apprenticeships. Therefore, we can completely dispense with inter-company measures.

Concentrated competence

Company owner and master butcher Leo Schmidt is always happy to provide advice and assistance to our prospective specialist salespeople, with over 45 years of professional experience. Boss Engela Schmidt also learned her trade from the bottom up in the traditional company and is happy to pass on her knowledge from 40 successful years in her professional life.

Michael Schmidt, also a master butcher, is responsible for our future butcher apprentices. He began training as a butcher in his parents' company in August 1999 and learned the traditional butcher's trade from company founder Leo Schmidt, senior.

Dream team

Team work is very important to us. Regardless of whether it is production or sales - we are only strong together.

Learning by doing

Get on the bacon - that's our motto, because you can learn to make coffee elsewhere.
With us, you can touch it right from the start, and so should you. Pushing into cold water is sometimes the best way to break the ice. You can't get routine and experience just by watching.


You are welcome to "sniff in" with us. In a non-binding internship, you can find out more about our apprenticeships and take a look behind the scenes.
If you are interested, please contact us.


If you enjoy dealing with people, would like to refine and sell food, would like to work in a team, then contact us. Your friendly demeanor and your good secondary or secondary school leaving certificate are the best prerequisites for a successful apprenticeship.