What kind of edges could Square have?

DuraSquare washbasin, furniture washbasin

Washbasin, furniture washbasin, 235360
Article may differ from the picture. Decorations and illustrated accessories are not included in the scope of delivery.
without overflow, with tap platform, stem valve with ceramic valve cover included, glazed underside, 600 mm
Colors for glass inserts to match lacquered surfaces for furniture see page XXX, metal console: towel rail can be mounted on the right or left, made from the special DuraCeram material
2 tap holes punched 2353600040
Also available with WonderGliss
Sanitary ceramics with the special WonderGliss surface finish stay clean and good-looking for a long time.


The WonderGliss coating burnt into the ceramic removes the surface from which dirt can attack: dirt and limescale cannot adhere to the smooth surface, and residues flow off more easily with the water. Ceramic coated with WonderGliss stays smooth and clean for a particularly long time and is therefore extremely easy to care for. A soft cloth and gentle detergent are sufficient.