How many internet users use Adblock

Every third German internet user uses ad blockers

According to e-marketers, 21.4 million people in Germany currently use such programs to suppress advertising. That is 32.0 percent of all Internet users. Among young Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24, more than every second person has installed an ad blocker (53.1 percent). In the total population, the proportion of ad blocker users has increased by around 9 percent compared to the previous year. For the coming year, e-marketers expect the ad blocker rate to increase further to 33.8 percent.

The rate is highest for desktop PCs and laptops. Comparatively few users have installed an ad blocker on smartphones. However, the ad blocker rate rises continuously with the increasing use of mobile devices. In the coming year, according to e-marketers, it will exceed the 10 percent mark.

According to e-marketer, ad blocker usage is increasing continuously

"As consumers in Germany spend more and more time on their smartphones, they are also reacting increasingly impatiently to digital ads on the smaller screens," explains Karin von Abrams, chief analyst at E-Marketer.

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The ad blocker rate fell slightly in the first quarter

The proportion of online advertising suppressed by ad blockers fell slightly in the first quarter of the year. However, almost a quarter of all display ads are still blocked. This emerges from the current survey by the OVK online marketers group.

"The high cost of many mobile data packages in Germany also means that users do not like video and other advertising that eats up their monthly data volume. Instead, they prefer to install an ad blocker for a few euros to only see mobile content that they value. "

The online marketing group OVK in the BVDW also regularly collects the ad blocker rate for the German market. This indicates the percentage of suppressed display ads. According to OVK, the ad blocker rate in the first quarter of this year in the desktop area was 23.4 percent and was therefore slightly down. However, not all ad blockers are recorded