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Help and FAQs on DATEV SmartLogin

DATEV SmartLogin - questions and answers

How can I cancel my DATEV SmartLogin?

You can cancel your DATEV SmartLogin in writing in the DATEV logistics center. You can find contact options in the information database (Doc.No. 0908003).

How can I change my registered email address?

You can have the e-mail address changed in the logistics center. You can find contact details in the information database (Doc.No. 1008186).

The SmartLogin app for Android smartphones requires various access rights. Do I have to agree to this?

Yes. You can find detailed information in the information database (doc. No. 1004029).

What is the "login cascade"?

In the "login cascade" you can set how you want to log in (e.g. with SmartLogin or SmartCard). You can find information on this in the information database (Doc.No. 1000228).

Can I install / use the same DATEV SmartLogin on several smartphones?

No - The SmartLogin app can only be installed once per device. In this case you have to order another DATEV SmartLogin.

If I have a DATEV SmartLogin, do I still need the DATEV SmartCard?

DATEV SmartLogin does not cover all use cases. A program permanently installed on your PC can only gain access to the DATEV data center with a DATEV mIDentity or a DATEV SmartCard.

I lost my smartphone. How can I block the DATEV SmartLogin against misuse?

Your SmartLogin is password protected. To be on the safe side, you can block the SmartLogin in the self-service portal.

How can I choose a different registration method?

Here you specify the login method you use to log in to access protected content in selected applications.