Consideration is immoral

For moving into an apartment in Munich, the landlord expects an intimate consideration - and he is also successful with it. That's behind the ad.

Munich - Curious advertisements for apartments keep attracting attention. As the Evening News reported, a rather unusual ad has now surfaced again. It is comparatively a bargain, 1000 euros cold - in the middle of Maxvorstadt, plus a beautiful new apartment.

Sounds like a real lucky find at first, but with a huge catch: The landlord from Munich expects a very intimate consideration for moving in. Because if you want to keep the apartment, you have to approach the landlord every week, in the truest sense of the word. “I am not interested in your income or your SCHUFA information. I'm only interested in whether you wear panties to view the apartment and whether you want to v **** with your landlord once a week. "

At the end of the advertisement, the landlord emphasizes again “And no, no rental without sex!”. But what's behind that?

Advertisement for an apartment in Munich: Serious, bad joke or an experiment?

Behind the ad is not a very lustful landlord, but a married couple from Neumünster like them Evening News reported. The two asked themselves how far apartment hunters would go to get one of the coveted apartments in Munich. In the form of a real experiment, they placed the advertisement with several providers - for Munich but also for Berlin.

Munich: A surprising amount of feedback for an unusual advertisement

The two are said to have actually received eight positive responses to the immoral offer via the various portals, the report continues. The applicants, including five female students, also sent photos in addition to the apartment request. On another portal there were even 40 inquiries.

In Berlin, the couple reported Evening News, considerably more women would have responded to the dirty advertisement. The couple's thought: You can see how easy it is to take advantage of the tense housing situation in Munich.


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