Which car brands have the fewest callbacks

Deficiencies - the Flop Ten: These car brands have the most recalls

What is "Made in Germany" really worth? A look at the recall numbers reveals it. It also shows that every third car recalled worldwide this year is a Toyota.

Around 13.4 million cars have already been recalled worldwide this year - and around one in three of them is a Toyota. The Japanese, the world's top-selling automaker (2019: $ 280.5 billion), had to order 3.95 million cars back into the workshops. That says a statistic of the market analyst Finance in Bold (Finbold).

Of this alone, 3.4 million Toyotas were recalled in January. The reason was a possible malfunction of the on-board electronics. In the event of an accident, this prevents the airbag from opening. Cars from North, Central and South America were particularly affected.

2.9 million recalled cars put Ford in second place in the negative ranking. The US company also reported a mega recall - in this case with 2.15 million affected cars. It was about possible defects in the door lock.

Volvo follows in third place with 2.8 million. Around 740,000 cars alone were recalled because of a braking problem.

With VW (16,090 cars) the first German brand appears in tenth place, BMW (3,800 cars) follows in twelfth place according to the Finbold count.

The top ten recall cars

ManufacturerRecalled cars
Toyota3.95 million
ford2.9 million
Volvo2.8 million
FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)1.74 million
Honda1.4 million

By the way: the actual number of recalled cars is even higher. Finbold only listed recalls due to high security threats, say the analysts.