What happened to Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is 40: This is what the "Dirrty" star looks like today

"If you want to be with me, baby, there's a price to pay. I'm a genie in a bottle," Christina Aguilera trilled in the summer of 1999. She was 19 years old at the time. Today the singer celebrates her 40th birthday - and this is what she looks like now.

Christina Aguilera has always had a close relationship with Disney. In the so-called "Mickey Mouse Club" she gained her first experiences in front of the camera and in showbiz together with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling in the early 1990s. Most recently this year she contributed two songs to the real version of the classic "Mulan". Among other things, a new edition of "Reflection". She sang this song in 1998 for the cartoon of the same name - and started her music career with it. She wanted to be a singer from an early age.

"Genie in a Bottle" followed in the summer of 1999. At the latest, today's birthday child was on everyone's lips. Since then it has undergone several changes not only in terms of style, but also optically. Her hair was sometimes dark, sometimes light and sometimes red, always opted for different looks, was sometimes slimmer and sometimes curvier. Christina recently said in an interview that she no longer wants to put herself under pressure in this regard.

Too often during her long career she thought that she absolutely had to correspond to a certain image. In the Italian edition of "L'Officiel" magazine, the singer revealed that she can be "overly critical" of herself. In the meantime she has given up trying to be "perfect". Also, don't compare them to others anymore. "Swim in your lane. If you waste time looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, you lose sight of your own goal," she said in the interview published at the end of September.

"Be nice to yourself. There is no point in making comparisons."

The musician has two children: twelve-year-old Max Liron and six-year-old Summer Rain. While she kept a strict diet and trained hard, especially after the two pregnancies, in order to meet the apparent "ideals" in showbiz, her attitude towards this has changed today: "Be nice to yourself. Everyone follows a different path, so do." there is no point in making comparisons. " She also rejects critics who would advise her to go on a diet because of her weight gain. "I don't go on a diet, you can handle it ..." For her, true beauty is the ability to know and understand oneself. "Not always pretty, far from perfect, but pure." Click here through various episodes in the life of X-Tina, as the singer also calls herself.

The multi-award-winning super artist reported back in 2018 after six years of radio silence with the new album "Liberation". In 2019 she got her own show in Las Vegas and in the same year was honored with the "HRC Ally for Equality Award" for her commitment. She not only collects donations for AIDS research, but also campaigns for the rights of the LGBTQ * community. Christina Aguilera has been described as a "living legend" and an "LGBTQ * icon" by Chad Griffin, president of the human rights organization Human Rights Campaign, and has praised her for spreading hope and inspiration and making the LGBTQ * community more visible.

In childhood, Aguilera and her mother were beaten by their father. When she was six years old, they left him. Today the singer, who also appeared several times as an actress and juror on "The Voice", is also committed to raising awareness of the issue of domestic violence. She campaigns for many charities and used her vote on the net (7.2 million Instagram followers) to call for votes (for the Democrats) before the US election.