Who deciphered the Mayan codes

How does the Maya script work?

What did the Maya write on?

The Maya wrote on buildings, sculptures, and folding books. On StelesThey often wrote down when their leaders lived, what their names were and what deeds they performed. For example, one ruler was called Stormy Sky, another bird was called a jaguar.

They also wrote on strips of bast and folded them like an accordion. You may also know fan-folds for toddlers, which are also folded. Such a book is called Code (also written Codex), the plural is called Codices (Codices). After the Spanish conquest, almost all of these books were burned because they believed that they contained mysterious magic formulas or texts from the devil. There are only three left worldwide, all of them are in Europe, one of them in Dresden. A fourth code is in Mexico. It was only discovered in the 1970s and is believed by some experts to be a fake.

The characters were painted in red or black with a fine brush on the paper.

What's in the books?

The books told the history of the Maya, myths and legends or they dealt with astronomical considerations and religious rituals. For protection, the books were provided with wooden covers that were covered with jaguar skin. The Codex DresdensisAs the codex is called, which is kept in Dresden, is more than 3.50 meters long when unfolded!