Is the download mode and bootloader the same

Tip: How do I get into Fastboot mode?

Root, flash, install firmware. In many cases it is necessary to put your own Android device into so-called Fastboot mode. But how to get into Fastboot mode remains a mystery in some instructions. Android user explains.

Fastboot or Bootloader? You may have asked yourself this question already. The solution is very simple: the fastboot mode is the bootloader mode. In addition to the Fastboot mode, there is another mode in which the Android device does not display a graphic interface, that is the recovery mode. A different menu then appears depending on the device.

Fastboot = bootloader +

Then why is the Fastboot mode not called Bootloader mode? Well, in Fastboot mode you can not only choose which system is started, as in the bootloader of a PC, but also do a lot of other things, for example unlocking the bootloader, switching Secure Boot on and off or a new bootloader or install any other system image (image file). That's why it's called fastboot mode.

There are various key combinations to get into Fastboot mode. Sometimes you have to hold down volume up and down when switching on, sometimes there are other monkey handles that you have to hold. Hardly anyone can remember these combinations, which is why Android users do not hesitate to use the command line straight away, because in most cases they will be needed afterwards anyway. The only true and correct command to get into Fastboot mode is

adb reboot bootloader

All other commands do not have the desired effect (do not exist!), But due to the numerous typing errors the spelling also works ;-)

For adb to work, USB debugging must be activated, so that USB debugging is visible, the developer options must be switched on and for the developer options to be visible, you have to go to Settings | Tap the build number seven times on the phone (details here).

How can I be sure that I am in Fastboot mode?

Again from the command line. The command

fastboot devices

your mobile phone / tablet has to show, then everything is correct. In addition, the message "Fastboot Mode" usually appears on the display.

Fastboot or Recovery? In Fastboot mode, alias Bootloader, the Android robot lies on its back with the service flap open, but there is no red exclamation mark. The exclamation mark appears in recovery mode.

Samsung is a special case

For Samsung devices, the adb reboot bootloader command described above simply causes a reboot. Samsung does not have a Fastboot mode, but in addition to the recovery mode, there is the so-called Odin / Download mode. Again, instead of keyboard shortcuts that can fail, we recommend memorizing the following two commands:

adb reboot download

So that the Samsung device switches to download mode (also known as Odin mode), or the usual command for the recovery system with Android robot and exclamation mark.