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Why a social media movement wants to free Britney Spears

Since 2008, her father, Jamie Spears, has shared Britney's guardianship with a lawyer. Means: You decide about your finances, your career and your private life. This after Britney Spears suffered several severe nervous breakdowns in 2007 and 2008. It was not until May that guardianship was extended to at least the end of August, according to the New York Post. For twelve years, the megastar - who, according to court documents from 2018, weighs an impressive 59 million dollars - has not been able to make his own decisions.

Britney is not allowed to "Starbucks" without consent

It is said that Britney is not allowed to drive a car, marry, have more children, spend her own money, leave her house, use a cell phone unsupervised, go shopping, go for a walk - or get a coffee at Starbucks without her father's consent. Furthermore, the multimillionaire is allegedly not allowed to contact anyone without her father's permission, not to hire her own lawyers, not to give interviews that are not scripted and approved, or to speak publicly about her guardianship. And: Britney is not allowed to write her own social media posts without checking.

If the singer does not adhere to the regulations, her father may admit her to a psychiatric clinic. In April 2019 it became known that Britney had been admitted to an institution - allegedly against her will. She is said to have previously refused to take her medication.

"Are you okay, Britney?"

Because Britney is not allowed to post anything on social media that has not been approved, fans now believe that the singer has been secretly asking for help in her Instagram posts over the past few days. Stars like “Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland also commented on the pop star's confused posts. "Are you okay, Britney?" Said Hyland. Fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni shared a post on the “Free Britney” movement on Instagram. «Heartbreaking. Free Britney, we love you, ”she wrote. Socialite Daphne Guinness added: «The poor. It breaks your heart. "

The photographer Andrew Gallery, who worked with Britney and became a good friend of the singer, confirms that something is wrong at Spears. Gallery reached the public a few days ago with a letter that Britney allegedly wrote herself in 2009. She gave him the letter for publication at the time - but her guardians destroyed the original document. Gallery claims that he was still able to make a copy. “I've seen all the posts about the Free Britney movement and I feel compelled to say something,” the photographer said in a video on Twitter.

Britney's fans are fighting for their independence with a petition

The letter, in which Britney writes of herself in the third person, says, for example, that she was "lied to and tricked" so that her father could take control as her guardian. "Her children were taken away from her and she got out of control - as would have happened to any mother under these circumstances," she continues. According to the Gallery, Britney has "no rights" in her guardianship. The photographer fears that she will remain in custody for as long as “as people are paid. But that doesn't make it right ». Britney's fans are now fighting for their freedom with a petition. So that she too - a 38-year-old multimillionaire - can get a frappuccino unsupervised in the future when she feels like it.

It remains unclear if Britney Spears is really bad or if #FreeBritney is just a bizarre theory by overzealous fans. One also wonders: does she really still need a guardian? Guardianship is intended for people who have psychological or other health problems or who cannot look after themselves for other reasons. Britney has released four albums, completed four world tours and a four year concert residency in Las Vegas in the past twelve years of tutelage, and has earned countless millions of dollars. If you don't even trust her to use a cell phone unsupervised or to leave the house, why do you keep her working and raking in money? You can't get rid of the uneasy feeling that she could actually be exploited.