What is the difference between ProTools Cubase

Pro Tools or Cubase?


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Cubase is only limited by the computing power of your PC or Mac
This applies to Cubase Studio or higher, the Essential versions also have a track limitation (64, if I'm not mistaken)

Overall, the question is actually not easy to answer. For example, if you buy Cubase and the corresponding "all-round" hardware now, the changeover later, if you want, is only associated with great financial outlay.

I personally have to do with ProTools in foreign studios from time to time and it didn't take me very long to get used to them. Logic took longer, but only because I have a personal dislike for it (I'm just at war with it). Cubase is perhaps a bit more "PC user-friendly" in terms of operation, because it uses well-known control structures. The quality of the in-house plug-ins is quite good in both systems, although I would also rate the EQs and filters from ProTools as "better". But don't nail me to it, I've only heard ProTools in other studios and therefore in other control rooms so far.

I think I would make a lot of things dependent on the financial background. A Cubase system can be expanded and upgraded more widely, which is also crucial for cheaper solutions, the range is simply larger. As soon as you go from the plug-ins to the high-end area, the sound difference is negligible.
My studio is "small but mine" and I don't do very much with other studios, so I'll stay with Cubase for the time being until I do a radical do-everything-new campaign. So far, portability wasn't a particularly big problem either, a little more work for me if in doubt. (Oh god how do I love batch export)