Is listening to music in addition to relaxation


According to a recent study by pronova BKK, almost nine out of ten Germans are stressed by their work. Every second thinks they are at risk of burnout. Numerous relaxation techniques can relieve tension, bring body and soul into balance.

Are you constantly electrified? There are many ways to calm down and distance yourself from everyday work - everyone has their own strategy: listening to music, going for a walk, reading, cooking, gardening or taking a hot bath.

If you do not succeed in switching off with your personal methods, learning a systematic relaxation method can help. The positive effects are manifold and lead to the reduction or alleviation of stress symptoms, to the reduction of psychosomatic complaints (such as sleep disorders, nervous digestive complaints, tension headaches), to increased resilience, to better body awareness, to a general calming by lowering the arousal level .

Paths to relaxation

Just as the experience of stress is individual, successful ways to a relaxed state also differ from person to person. It is helpful to know different ways and means that can put us in a relaxed state. They recognize a relaxed state in feelings of serenity, satisfaction and well-being, often combined with a lack of sense of time.

In addition to everyday strategies, trying out a relaxation method can be helpful. You can use this before or after stressful situations or during inner restlessness, e.g. if you are For example, you cannot fall asleep in the evening because your thoughts revolve around problems. The techniques can be learned from books and CDs, but it is usually better to do so under professional guidance to avoid mistakes. Relaxation methods are usually easy to learn, but they also require regular practice and use.

Helpful relaxation methods

This includes breathing training, for example. Because breathing is a very important function of our body. The better the breathing, the better the oxygen supply, and relaxation can only be achieved with calm, deep breathing.

Another relaxation method is mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). This method is a program developed by the molecular biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn in the USA in the late 1970s to cope with stress through the targeted guidance of attention and through the development, practice and stabilization of expanded mindfulness.

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