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When enthusiasm for sports beats the voice

_ In June 2018, GeloRevoice® started a large-scale fan survey on the subject of voice and sport, in which a total of 1,526 sport-loving women and men of all ages took part. It became clear that the loud use of voices is part of the good form for many fans today: In 43.4% of the cases, the fans said they loudly cheer on their own team during the game. So it is hardly surprising that more than a third of those surveyed have suffered from voice problems after visiting a stadium or concert. Because physiological vocal production is a complex interrelationship of different anatomical components: If the sensitively coordinated speaking apparatus is overused or used incorrectly, the system easily gets out of its physiological equilibrium and voice problems result. "Sports-associated, stress-induced voice problems without recognizable organic causes are among the functional dysphonias that make up the largest group of voice disorders in speech therapy practice," says speech therapist Beatrice Rathey-Pötzke.

When customers / patients come to the practice with ailments such as sore throat, tickle cough and hoarseness, they expect quick relief - because a smooth voice is the prerequisite for successfully coping with everyday work. More than 30% of those who took part in the survey wanted a throat tablet that would quickly relieve voice problems if they lost their voice after using a fan. With GeloRevoice®, you recommend a throat tablet to your patients that will quickly and noticeably relieve voice problems: when sucking, minerals and a light effervescent effect stimulate the flow of saliva in a beneficial way. The gel-forming components hyaluronic acid, carbomer and xanthan bind the saliva and thus form the special Revoice Hydro-Depot®. This is distributed in the mouth and throat and forms a long-lasting protective film on the mucous membrane. A new clinical study also shows a clearer improvement in symptoms with GeloRevoice® throat tablets compared to other chemically defined mucilaginous tissue [Behrbohm. Therapy options for pharyngitis - an update. Oral Surgery Journal 2018 (1): 08-13]. Furthermore, the patients stated that the protective film remained on the mucous membrane for GeloRevoice® throat tablets for the longest time.


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