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Personal development: 12 tips and 6 exercises for personal growth

Most people are nowhere near reaching their full potential. Only gradually - and often through conscious effort - do we develop further, throughout our life. Personal development is exhausting, yes. But it also makes you satisfied and happy. In the following you will find tips and exercises with which you can make me out of you.

What personality development actually is

What personality development actually is

Personal growth is an ongoing process that can go in very different directions. The goals include:

  • Through personal development, you will get to know yourself better and understand how you act and why.
  • You find out what goals you want to achieve and what principles you live by. And you also see how you can achieve these goals.
  • You become more relaxed and happier, you are more stable in life.
  • You can deal with difficult times, problems and crises more flexibly.
  • You live a more self-determined life and become more independent from others.

Sounds great, doesn't it? However - and now comes the catch - personality development is a slow process that moves forward in small steps. And: you will never be "finished". There is always more to learn and experience. Fortunately, the journey itself is exciting and fulfilling ...

12 tips for your personal development

How do you start now? Here are 12 helpful tips for your personal growth:

Establish a (preliminary) focus

One thing at a time: Set a focus

As you can see from the list above, the possible goals of personality development are very broad. It is impossible and not necessary to work on all topics at the same time. So you should first determine in which direction your journey should go. Do you want to develop more confidence? Get more relaxed? Gain joie de vivre? Better deal with criticism? Recognize your life goals? Or something completely different? First, decide on a direction. Don't worry: the focus will change again and again depending on your life situation and your interests and sooner or later the other topics will have their turn.

Read, read, read

There are a large number of books and websites that deal with personality development in all its facets. There you will find a lot of exciting content, thought experiments, experience reports and tips. The experiences and thoughts of others are very helpful for your own personal development. And: If you deal intensively with a topic, you won't lose sight of it so quickly. So read a lot of different things and pick out the aspects that suit you.

Find your own way

Nothing is as individual as personal growth. Only you can find out what you need and what is helpful for you. Therefore, be careful not to limit yourself to a single path and not to unreservedly believe any "gurus" or specialists. Only you can find the right path for yourself.

Experiment, try new things

Experiment, try new things

As you read or interact with others, you will learn many different exercises, tips, and strategies. To find out which of these are right for you, just experiment a bit. Try exercises and see how you feel with them. If they don't do you much good or don't feel good, just leave them out and try something different. Be attentive to yourself and test what is good for you.

Keep a journal

It can be very helpful to write down what you try and how you feel about it. On the one hand, in retrospect it is very exciting to see what preoccupied you a few months or years ago. On the other hand, you can better perceive your progress in this way and distinguish useful from meaningless ways. Therefore, take notes on important insights, exercises, thoughts and results.

Take small steps

The day after tomorrow, confident, happy and successful, that would be great. But that's not how personality development works. You will move forward in small steps and on winding paths. Therefore, do not ask too much of yourself, but look forward to small progress. They add up over time and then bring the big results.

Be open-minded

In order to develop further, you will gain new experiences, get to know other ways of thinking and meet strangers. The more open you are to new experiences, the easier it will be for you to move forward.

Take responsibility for your life

Only you are responsible for your personal development. Not your parents, your friends, your partner, the boss or anyone else. As long as you let other people take responsibility for your life, you slow yourself down. Take the wheel yourself and set the course!

Work on strengths rather than weaknesses

Work on strengths more than weaknesses

Many people are interested in personal growth because they want to get rid of a supposed blemish. However, this approach often leads to frustration. If you are very shy, you will likely never develop into a party animal. If you're very messy, your furniture may never look like it was in the furniture catalog. Work calmly to alleviate your weaknesses and bring them to a level that you are comfortable with. But then you better concentrate on your strengths. Development is much more fun there, brings better results and helps you to develop your skills to the full.

Allow change

If you are concerned with personal development, it will not go away without changes. You will gradually change your thinking, your goals and your worldview, and that's a good thing. Sometimes you will also realize that you have to change something in the framework of your life or in your habits. Don't worry: your life will not suddenly change fundamentally and overturn everything. You decide for yourself which change you accept. But it won't work without it.

stay tuned

Personality development is a permanent process that will keep you busy to a greater or lesser extent in the long term. Therefore, regularly set aside some time to deal with your personal growth. Just ten or 15 minutes a day or an hour or two a week can go a long way.

Seek help

If you come across topics in your work that you cannot deal with on your own, seek help in good time. Contact a coach or psychotherapist to discuss your topic. Sometimes just a few sessions are enough to see more clearly again.

6 exercises for your personal growth

Are you dying to get started right away? Then maybe one of these exercises is right for you:


6 exercises for your personal growth

In order to develop your personality, you should first find out where you are now, right? This exercise is well suited for this. Take an hour in which you are not disturbed and make yourself comfortable with writing materials. Then you start to write down everything you can think of about yourself:

  • important past experiences
  • Character traits that set you apart
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Interests, hobbies, passions
  • Topics that have occupied you for a long time
    Goals and dreams
  • Unprocessed from the past

Your notes don't have to have any structure, just write down what you can think of. When you've had enough or the hour is up, put your notes aside. The next day you repeat the exercise. Read through your notes from the previous day and add to them. What else do you think of What do you see differently today? What aspect have you not considered yet? Ideally, you will repeat this exercise every day for a week. Then you should have a comprehensive inventory. And in the course of this exercise you will certainly come up with ideas as to which aspects you want to work on.

Leave the comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is the area where it is easy for you to act and does not require any special effort. You know what to do and you feel safe. Great thing and absolutely necessary for well-being in everyday life. The only problem is: learning is hardly possible within the comfort zone, because you already know everything here. For personal development, you should get into the habit of doing things that are a bit outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. Visit places you've never been. Talk to people who are more of a stranger to you. Make yourself do something that scares you a little. Try a sport that you have never done before. Deal with a topic that you have no idea about. Make new experiences outside of the usual. However, be careful not to move too far out of your comfort zone. If something is causing you great discomfort, then you may not be ready and need a little more comfort zone training.

Learn mindfulness

Mindfulness means to be in the here and now and to be more aware of the things in and around you. This is important for personal development for various reasons: Mindfulness helps you to get to know yourself better and to feel what is good for you. And it helps you relax. You can do this simple exercise at any time, preferably several times a day:
Interrupt what you are doing to experience the here and now. Pay attention to your breath. Feel how your body feels right now. Does something hurt? Are you tense or relaxed? How do you feel right now, what emotions are there? Look around What do you perceive around you? Do not try to change anything, just open your senses to what is there.

Perceive the positive

If you are one of those people who tend to think negatively, this exercise may be useful for you. It's also very simple: Make it your task to take a photo every day of something that you like or care about. It can be an object, a person, a flower, the sunset or something completely different. If you like, you can put together a collage from your pictures after a month.

Get to know yourself

To get to know yourself even better every day, you can use fill-in books. They come in a variety of forms, just choose one that appeals to you. A fill-in book regularly confronts you with a question that you should answer yourself. In this way you get to know each other better through play.

Get to know other perspectives

Get to know other perspectives

If a certain topic is preoccupying you, ask yourself: “How could you look at that?” Try to find as many different assessments as possible of the same situation. Gather information: Talk to people who are important to you. Look for testimonials and thoughts on the subject on the Internet or in books. In doing so, open yourself to perspectives that are rather strange to you without evaluating them. Ask yourself: what would a punk think about this subject? Or a nun? A person from another culture? Your first love Your great grandmother? A child? In this way you open up your perception and in the long run it becomes easier and easier to change your perspective.

By the way: personality development is good for everyone, but there are also wrong motives. If you think you have to change because you are not good enough, then you are heading for a trap. You don't need a perfect body, a stylish apartment and no wealth to be happy. You're fine the way you are.

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