What is a crookie

Cookie definition

What are cookies?

The term cookie comes from English and literally means "biscuit". In IT, a cookie is a piece of text information that is placed on your own computer by a visited website via the browser.

What is the point of cookies?

Cookies store certain information such as the shopping cart, pages last visited or login information (not recommended!). As a result, the website loads faster the next time the user visits, can temporarily store statuses (important in the event of system failures or interruptions in the Internet connection) and ideally holds relevant information immediately available again. Site operators also benefit from information that flows directly into their web tracking. This enables you to analyze in detail which “paths” (customer journey) a visitor has covered, on which pages he stays for how many seconds and when and how he left the page. Various measures for online marketing can then be derived from this information.

How can I block cookies?

For some time now, website operators have had to point out that their website uses cookies the first time they are accessed. The user then has the option of agreeing or disagreeing with this. An alternative are setting options in the web browser that allow the blocking or saving of cookies.

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