When did humanity become so inhuman?

How can people be so inhuman

In his column “Paulchen shows claws” the animal columnist “Paulchen” asks himself: How can people be so inhuman ...?

From our March print edition - Wuppertal, March 12th, 2018 - Mum had her own moods again. As a convinced Facebook user

she stumbled upon a post in which cat lovers denounced that a 17-year-old cat lady was given to an animal shelter just because her mistress had a baby. How can you be so heartless. I can only hope that the baby is doing better.

Now the poor cat-grandma is sitting crying and meowing heartbreakingly in a sanctuary for velvet paws. Actually, my mistress wanted to grab a cat basket and drive off immediately to pick up the sad, abandoned kitty. And that although there are already five of us.

But after a look at the map, my mistress dropped her plan. The pitiful queen had been given up in Brandenburg. A good 600 kilometers from Wuppertal. The old cat lady would certainly not have survived such a long journey unscathed. Now we sincerely hope that another soft heart will be found that Maunz will give a beautiful home for her last years.

But my mistress wanted to show me in front of my emerald green eyes that there is also great cat suffering on our doorstep. So my charming breadwinner delivered me to the Wuppertal Cat Protection Association for a day. The nice ladies led me through the entire complex as "guest of honor Paulchen, the columnist".

The front area of ​​the very well-kept house is teeming with cats of all races. There were scratching posts everywhere. I have to say: everything is furnished very lovingly and cat-friendly. The four-legged residents immediately came up to me, curious, and sniffed me in a friendly manner. Some also took a close look at my transport box.

I was also deeply impressed by the cat-baby department. Many small, cute kittens who lived on the streets during the icy nights have found a warm home here and are given regular food. I can tell you that one or two tears of emotion ran down me.

In any case, I was totally impressed by what the two-legged, volunteer helpers at the Cat Protection Association or in the animal shelters are doing. It's great that there are such people. That is encouraging. For me, the trip to the Katzenschutzbund was a lesson for the hangover life.

But let's be honest: As much as the helpers from the Katzenschutzbund try, no matter how often they stroke their protégés - they cannot replace a real home - just like me. Therefore, dear animal lovers in Wuppertal, give your heart a push and give a pet a beautiful home - regardless of whether it is a dog or a cat ...

See you soon

Your Paulchen