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Fascination traveling to Africa

You will never forget a trip to one of the breathtakingly beautiful countries of Africa.
Looking elephants in the eyes and watching huge herds of zebra, admiring baobabs and red flame trees, driving through endless savannahs or dense rainforests - a trip to Africa is a unique experience in which the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the continent in many countries is fascinating every day. Flights to Africa are offered by many international airlines and are cheaper than you think.
The endless expanse of the impressive landscape gives an idea of ​​what the world may have looked like in the past. Charles Darwin already suspected the origin of all human life on the African continent and he was right. The “cradle of mankind”, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is hidden in the Sterkfontein Caves near Johannesburg in South Africa. Our earliest ancestors lived here over 3.3 million years ago. A flight to Johannesburg can thus be the beginning of a journey to the beginning of all human life. South Africa is also particularly suitable for “Africa beginners” because the standard of living here is comparatively “European” and the climate is pleasant. A visit to the world-famous Kruger National Park north of Johannesburg is an impressive undertaking that is suitable for the whole family. In the safe jeep you can get up close to animals and experience moving moments.

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Booking a trip to Africa often means discovering German colonial history

In the former German colony of Cameroon, there is even a real seaman's home offering beds for Africa vacationers. It is located in Douala near the Atlantic coast, right next to the dense rainforest. Here in the jungle you can also meet the original inhabitants of the same, the pygmies, who are only about 1.50 meters tall. About 40,000 of these little people still live here - in a few villages you can get close to them.
During an African vacation in Cameroon, you should also plan a few days in Kribi, whose beaches are considered to be the most beautiful in the country. Several hotels are ready to enjoy the bright sandy beaches, which are protected by coconut palms.

Flights to Johannesburg

In the metropolis itself, a visit to the Soccer City Stadium is worthwhile. There is space for 95,000 fans here - including at the 2010 World Cup final. The shape of the arena is based on a typical African clay pot. The 223 meter high Carlton Center was built in 1973 ... read more

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