VPN works with Disney Plus

Disney Plus with VPN: Access the US version

Many film and series highlights from the USA are missing from Disney Plus in Germany. With a VPN service you can see the whole program!

The Disney Plus streaming service has also been available in Germany since mid-March 2020. However, fans of blockbusters and series pearls (still) have to do without many highlights that are already available in the USA. This is mainly due to the fact that many licenses are currently held by other broadcasters or streaming services. Disney Plus also has numerous classics and new hits for young and old, but if you want to enjoy the full US catalog, you need a VPN service.

VPN: More TV Shows and Movies at Disney Plus?

If you really want to see everything on Disney Plus, you have to travel digitally to the United States of America. Similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime, there is a big license wrangling over many productions in this country. This applies above all to 20th Century Fox films and series, but time exclusivity also plays a major role: The famous “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian” is broadcast weekly in Germany, while all episodes are already available in the USA - even with German synchronization. It is similar with the last Pixar and Marvel hits “Toy Story 4” and “Avengers Endgame”. These are just a few of the many examples: At the start of Disney Plus in Germany there are ‘only’ 250 titles, while the USA has over 700 films and series on offer. However, Disney is very careful to block this content for users from other countries using an artificial country block, geoblocking. Only a VPN can help.

Disney Plus with VPN: How can I bypass geoblocking?

With Disney Plus, it doesn't matter which country the account was set up in, but which country the server request comes from. Disney recognizes this from the IP address used. Similar to a telephone number, this has a specific country code. Therefore, to access the US Disney catalog, you will need an American IP address. This is where a VPN service comes in. If you are connected to a server in the USA, it will send the request to Disney for you. The American company is “fooled” into thinking that you are a user from the USA and is therefore playing the US library.

Are VPNs illegal to use Disney Plus?

Disney expressly reserves the right to set geographic restrictions for its films and series and to enforce them if necessary. As a result, using a VPN service is against Disney's Terms of Service. More and more users report that Disney is increasingly blocking requests from VPN servers. In the worst case, the user's account will even be blocked - you should be aware of this risk when using a VPN for Disney Plus.

Is it possible to stream Disney Plus with free VPN?

Of course, there are plenty of free VPN services out there too, but most of them aren't usually suitable for streaming Disney Plus. This is due on the one hand to the mostly very slow servers, and on the other hand to the low volume of data that is made available to users. These are usually so tight that you can't even watch a full episode of “The Mandalorian”. For good quality without disconnections, only a paid provider can be considered. After all: there are always good offers where VPN subscriptions are offered at bargain prices.

What Are the Best VPN Services for Disney Plus?

If you want to use streaming services with a VPN, two things are important for you: Are the VPN servers suitable for streaming purposes, i.e. are they not already blocked by the provider? And: does the speed remain sufficiently fast with activated VPN so that the quality of the films and series is not reduced? While there are plenty of VPN providers out there, only a few work with Disney Plus. First you need a provider with a fast connection and many servers in the USA. Preferably with dedicated servers that are optimized for streaming services. But which VPN providers work with Disney Plus and also offer the best overall package?

Disney Plus: Stream with CyberGhost VPN

The service from Romania was at the forefront in the large comparison test and was particularly convincing when it came to streaming. It was not for nothing that it received the grade “1.6 - good”. There is a large selection of servers that simultaneously shows the load and speed. You are guaranteed to find the right streaming server. However, the service from Romania also relies on security: Ad blockers, tracking protection and kill switches ensure top all-round protection. The best for last: CyberGhost is the only tested service to have dedicated Disney Plus streaming servers. This great feature sets it apart from all other providers. You can find all information in the individual review of Cyberghost VPN.

Disney Plus: Stream with NordVPN

The provider from Panama offers the best complete package overall. Thanks to the no-logs policy, multi-hop and obfuscated servers (obfuscation technology), you are completely anonymous on the Internet. If you don't want to bypass geoblocking for streaming purposes only, NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries. Streaming from Disney Plus poses no problems, thanks to the Smart DNS function, the provider did not recognize any of the tested US servers as a proxy. In addition, the quality was top notch! All of this contributes to the deserved grade “1.4 - very good”.

Disney Plus: Stream with Surfshark

Surfshark shines with its simple operation and "clean web" function with ad blocker and phishing and tracking protection. Even in restrictive countries such as China or Iran, the service can be used without any problems, the "No Borders" mode ensures free Internet at every location. In addition, the service is particularly cheap with a term of two years. Since the service, based in the British Virgin Islands, maintains its own DNS servers, these are not recognized by Disney Plus. The US library can be easily accessed. Rounded off by good quality, Surfshark really deserved the grade “1.5 - good” in a large comparison test.