What is the disadvantage of vegetables

What are the advantages and disadvantages of peeling vegetables?

In this post I explain the benefits of peeling vegetables and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.


When eating vegetables or fruit, the question often arises whether the vegetable or fruit should be eaten with the peel or whether the vegetables should be peeled beforehand. Many consumers have concerns about eating unpeeled vegetables that physical health can be compromised by the chemicals and pesticides that have settled on the peel.

Sprayed and chemically treated vegetables can often not get rid of the existing pollutants with extensive washing under warm water, so many fruit and vegetable lovers decide to remove the peel of the carrot, tomato or a crunchy apple.

Anyone who decides to consume unpeeled fruit or vegetables should opt for the purchase of expensive organic vegetables or fruit, which can, however, be an enormous burden on the household budget. Peeling vegetables is unavoidable for some types of vitamin-rich foods that contain harmful toxins in the peel.

This is the case, for example, with potatoes, which should never be eaten unpeeled (see How to peel the potato correctly). The consumption of the tasty tuber including the skin can lead to nausea, circulatory disorders or kidney damage.

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According to nutrition experts, there are many vitamins, minerals and fiber in the shell that make the fresh fruit and vegetables particularly healthy and provide the body with essential nutrients.

Vegetable substances found in the skin of many types of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. According to research by the Research Institute (BFE) in Karlsruhe, the skin of apples and pears contains at least 40% more vitamins and nutrients than the rest of the fruit pulp.

The skin of the carrot or tomato is also provided with 85% important healthy active ingredients that have a positive effect on physical well-being. So that the body does not have to completely forego the nutrients of the respective vegetable or fruit variety, as little as possible should be removed when peeling.

Vegetable peelers, which ensure wafer-thin peelings when processing the peeled material, are particularly suitable for peeling vegetables. In the case of young carrots, radishes or cucumbers, you can often use a brush to get rid of any possible harmful substances before washing the vegetables thoroughly with sufficient lukewarm water.