Flirting girls on Facebook

Writing to women on Facebook: 7 flirting strategies for getting to know girls

Price question: Do you know the largest single exchange in the world?

answer: It is the well-known social network from the USA with the blue logo, the famous like thumb and billions (!) Of female users. Of course, Facebook is not "officially" a partner exchange, but it can be used ideally for a hot flirt, as I myself have experienced again and again.

Because writing to strange women on Facebook and getting to know them is easy if you know how to do it correctly. Charming flirting can quickly lead to real dating and even develop a relationship ...

Why we men are too shy on Facebook

So are you all right? At least one might think ... but most men find it incredibly difficult to write letters to women or girls on Facebook. Flirt on a platform where everything is so public and - unlike on the Internet - you hardly have any anonymity? Can be embarrassing ...

Many guys also fear that if you try to get to know each other with a message to the lady, they will be labeled a love-hungry stalker and ruin their reputation. However, as you will see in a moment, this concern is completely unfounded.

Write to women / girls on Facebook: don't be embarrassed!

It's true: Facebook works differently than "normal" online dating. It's a social network, and the emphasis here is on social. People from real life are networked with each other - you know someone who knows someone again ... To write a message to a strange woman out of the blue can therefore be rather strange if you do it inappropriately.

Plus, you never really know who's seeing all of the comments, posts, likes, and shared content. Everyone here is in principle a public person without protection of anonymity.

Therefore, when flirting and getting to know each other on Facebook, you should be as sensitive as possible and avoid all the embarrassing things that you would never do in real life. Or would you stand on a crowded marketplace on Saturday lunchtime and read a cheesy love letter screaming out loud while all passers-by turn to you in amazement? So what!

A hot flirt on Facebook - the 8 biggest mistakes men can make

Lots of guys make a fool of themselves on social networks because they feel (wrongly) anonymous ... I sometimes see my girlfriend's strange comments and messages from men. That'll keep my spit away! Therefore present yourself as a sensible man who adheres to the social rules and morals from the "good nursery".

But what does that mean in concrete terms? What should you do without if you want to flirt with beautiful women on Facebook and get a real date? Here are the no-gos when writing and getting to know each other:

  • Send friend requests to strange girls at random, even before you have written them a first message. You should only send a friend request when you are already in conversation.
  • Show-off selfies with washboard abs (possibly also retouched into the photo with Photoshop) or cheeky pictures with fat sports cars (which do not even belong to you, but are only rented). All of this looks like you just want to make an impression with a cheap scam.
  • Comments under pictures and messages with slimy compliments like “Hey, you're incredibly beautiful / a real dream woman etc.” Such a clumsy cover letter is guaranteed not to go down well with women.
  • Kitschy pictures with roses, angels and the like - and cheap love sayings like those from grandma’s poetry album
  • Post boring or embarrassing things from your own life on your profile such as "Hey guys, just went to the bathroom!"
  • Share, like and comment on questionable content that deals with politics and world views. Flirting women should associate positive things with you when browsing your profile! But also stupid jokes and girlish-childish cat pictures are taboo. After all, you want to look like a real man, not a 13-year-old teen girl.
  • Being online too often: The woman sees in Messenger if you are always online - and may think that you are an internet freak who is constantly sitting in front of your smartphone or PC and does not lead an exciting life.
  • Placing comments and likes on a lady's posts for days and weeks without really getting down to business. So you just seem like one of her countless followers: a "secret admirer" who doesn't dare to get closer to her during a flirt - for fear of a basket.

If you avoid these mistakes when writing to women on Facebook, you have already avoided the biggest obstacles in online dating. Now I'll show you how a real flirt works in the social network!

Don't forget: fill out your profile and post things with added value

Before I tell you about my flirting methods, you first have to bring your profile up to scratch - just like online dating on conventional single sites. Because every girl who is even halfway interested in you will take a close look at your user page. And if you do not pass this preliminary examination with her, the woman will certainly not write back to you.

Therefore, heed these 3 golden tips:

# 1 Upload an appealing profile picture

The first thing that catches the eye on Facebook is of course always the profile picture. You should come across as personable and attractive. Badly taken selfies with smartphone, webcam or from the photo box in the train station are therefore just as taboo as exaggerated vain pictures in which you pose with your bare chest in love with yourself.

Whether profile picture or the galleries: Show yourself on Facebook that is suitable for everyday use with good photos (if necessary from the photographer), on which your face can be seen. You should look friendly and neatly dressed - after all, clothes make the man.

An exciting motif in the background, such as a beach on vacation, is also not wrong. Then the woman sees that you are not a couch potato, but lead an exciting life full of adventure.

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# 2 Post interesting articles and pictures (Chronicle)

But not only the information in the profile is important, but also what you post every day. Facebook offers many ways to communicate things from your private life to the world out there. Why not use these features to make a good impression for flirting? So my tip: Let the girls out there participate in your exciting life!

For example, I have an acquaintance who is constantly on the move: And what do I see in his chronicle on Facebook: The pub in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a beach somewhere in the South Pacific ... and HE is always right in the middle of the action. Women love such adventurers! Therefore, write exciting articles so that the girls get to see something great in your chronicle.

It doesn't necessarily have to be travel, of course. You can also post other experiences, for example about your hobbies. A buddy of mine is an animal lover and has a history full of cute dogs that he takes care of in his free time ... come up with something!

# 3 Add enough Facebook "friends"

As I said before, Facebook is a social network. When the woman clicks on your profile and finds a yawning emptiness in your friends list, you look like a loner. Maybe you are not at all and have just poorly networked up to now ... So first collect "friends" on Facebook by adding friends, work colleagues, acquaintances and family members (including women!).

This is how the girl sees that you stand fully in life and are not a lonely wallflower.

Again to the contributions in your chronicle: It is also good if your friends comment a lot here - at the latest with congratulations on your birthday. This creates the impression that the people in your friends list are really people with whom you have personal contact. In my experience, however, the comments come in very quickly when you post a lot of interesting articles.

My 7 flirting tactics for texting women on Facebook

Okay, did you fill out your profile properly? Excellent! But how do you come into contact with the cute women? I would like to show you a few flirting methods that are guaranteed not to be embarrassing - but increase your chances of success for a hot meeting!

By the way: In another blog article I'll tell you how you can write to women on dating sites and in dating apps. Here you will also find special tips for flirting on Tinder.

1. Message strangers on Facebook

Perhaps while clicking around you accidentally found a girl who is neither on the friends list nor has any other social relationship with you. You are completely strangers to each other. What can you do? First of all: contacting total strangers on Facebook usually comes off pretty strange. Therefore, show her in your message that you are aware of this taboo violation.

For example, write to her:

“Hi, of course, normally you don't just write to complete strangers. I found this red dotted dress in your picture so remarkable that I had to make an exception. "

Or: "Hey, I know we don't know each other. But I landed on your profile by chance and found your post about the city trip in New York really interesting. "

This way you don't seem like a pushy stalker who searches Facebook for hours on end for any profiles of women. Through the specific reference to their profile content, you also avoid the impression of an inconsequential mass circular mail. And as I said: no slimy compliments!

However, there is no guarantee of success for sending such messages. To be honest, this is the worst of all options and should only be an absolute stopgap solution for you if no other tactic for online dating seems possible. Otherwise, you'd better use one of the following, much more elegant strategies for writing letters to women.

2. Write to a friend of a Facebook friend

In normal life, you get to know new people through your friends - and that also works on social networks. Just take a look at the friends list of one of your friends. Is there a woman there that you find interesting? With whom you could imagine a date? Then you can simply contact them via a message and relate to your mutual friend.

For example, let's say you went to a boozy house party with your buddy - let's call him Tobi - last weekend. Then you can write to the pretty woman in his friends list with the following message:

"Hey, I know you. Aren't you the girl who had a short talk with Tobi at this house party last Saturday? I wanted to introduce myself to you that evening, but then suddenly you were gone. "

The trick behind it: You make it appear as if you already know each other from real life and now only have to network via Facebook. What if she wasn't at that party at all? Never mind In that case you present it as a mix-up - but nevertheless you now have a foot in the door and can continue your chat with this "ticket", ideally until the date.

3. Reply to comments in the timeline

You don't always have to click into your friend's list of friends and look for singles willing to flirt. Often there is no need to dig that deep. Perhaps your Facebook friend also has posts in their timeline that have been commented on by women. Then you switch to the dialogue and add your mustard - in a charming way, of course.

If these posts create a kind of chat with the woman, you can write to her at some point with a private message and continue the conversation here in private.

4. Post cheeky comments on pretty women

What I sometimes have to see on Facebook knocks out the bottom. Also this year there are still guys who post filthy compliments under the photos of the hot ladies. The women get hundreds of praise a week and simply can no longer hear the gulps.

Plus, 98% of the time it's comments about how they look. Such superficialities show that the men have no deeper interest in their personality, but probably just want a sex date.

That's why the rule applies: Be different from the other guys who constantly slip on their slime trail and get a bloody nose while flirting on Facebook! Just write something naughty under her post, of course without offending the girl. Through playful teasing you stand out from the gray crowd of unimaginative men.

5. Write creative comments on posts

A variant of strategy 4: You don't necessarily have to be cheeky to attract attention and get the woman's attention. It is often enough to simply post unusual questions or sentences that she is not used to from other men. To do this, turn your gaze away from your cleavage for at least a moment and let your gaze wander a little ...

For example, did she post a photo of herself in her bedroom with a strange stuffed animal sitting on her bed in the background? Then make a funny comment or ask for the name of your cuddly bunny. Be creative!

If she reacts positively, see it as an invitation to continue the chat via Messenger in Facebook. If you do well, you might even have a date.

6. Facebook groups with your interests

Many people meet in groups on Facebook to exchange ideas on certain topics. If you want to write to women, this is an excellent strategy. Just join groups on topics that interest you. The big advantage: Here girls romp about with the same interests as you, and you get into conversation with each other in a very natural way.

So there should be enough interesting things to talk about. If you notice that the dialogue with a lady via group posts is going well, you can write her a private message via the messenger and also use it to deepen your conversation.

7. My insider tip: Join "New to ..." groups

A real insider tip for covering letters from women are Facebook groups, where people who are new to the city meet. What is special: The newcomers (often students and young professionals) don't know anyone in the city yet and are accordingly extremely sociable - not only for chatting, but also for real activities to explore their new home.

Simply start a group search on Facebook by entering "New in" with the appropriate city name in the search line. For example: "New in Berlin". Groups to big cities in particular have a lot of members - and there are sure to be beautiful girls with whom you can write.

And before the question arises: Of course you can join these communities even if you have lived in the city for years. Then you present yourself as a local who shows the newcomers all the hip clubs, pubs and sights. Incidentally, women like these lead wolves are very attractive ...

From flirting on Facebook to real dating

If you follow these tips, you will not appear like a desperate stalker, but will behave in a socially "acceptable" manner. This gives you the best chances of writing letters to women on Facebook! All that remains for me to say is: Don't write too many messages back and forth ... at some point there should be a real date to help love keep going.

And if she doesn't get involved in a meeting with you? Then ignore it and write to one of the millions of other women who cavort in the German-language version on this platform. Now you know how it's done ...

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