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My solar roof: independent with your own photovoltaic system

As the owner of a property in particular, it is important to have your own expenses under control. For many, the dependence on the price of electricity is a thorn in the side. Your own photovoltaic system is the optimal solution!

Those who generate their own electricity not only protect the environment, but also make themselves independent of the rising electricity price. With your solar system, you become a power generator yourself!


The product "MeinSolardach" is designed exclusively for inquiries from rooftop photovoltaic systems. If you have any questions about plug-in PV modules ("guerrilla PV") and the associated meter replacement, we would ask you to send this request directly to g-kwkgntzsrvc-swkd. If your apartment is not in Karlsruhe, please contact the electricity network operator responsible for your place of residence.

If you opt for our attractive lease model, all you have to do is let us do the work. In no time at all we will help you to produce your own green electricity!

We thought it this way: We install and maintain your new PV system, assume all investment costs and pay for any repairs. The electricity generated is yours, you only have to pay a small monthly rent. You can determine how high this is individually with the help of our solar calculator.

If you not only want to own the electricity, but also the new photovoltaic system, then you are welcome to decide to buy it. Here, too, we can help you and take care of the planning and construction of the solar modules.

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  1. Let our solar calculator create a non-binding offer for you now.
  2. We conclude a contract and you determine the conditions: Either you buy the PV system or you opt for our lease model.
  3. Together with a craft business, we take care of the implementation of your solar project. If you decide to buy the solar system, we will take care of the planning and construction. If you lease, we offer the all-round carefree package including planning, financing, construction and maintenance of your solar system.
  4. You produce your own solar power and have to buy less power from the public grid. If you generate more electricity than you can use yourself, you will receive a pre-determined remuneration from us for the amount fed in.

Solar roof calculator: calculate your offer

What do I need for my request?

With our solar roof calculator, we can prepare your request as quickly as possible, check it optimally and assess the situation on site. For this you should have the following information and pictures ready in advance:


  • What insulation does your roof have? Above-rafter insulation and / or between-rafter insulation?
  • If a terraced house: Do you have a fire protection wall or separate side walls to your neighbors?


  • Front view and side view of the house
  • From the roof with recognizable rows of tiles
  • from the wall on which the meter cabinet hangs
  • from the completely opened meter cabinet
  • from equipotential bonding
  • from the site plan of your home.

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That is why your own photovoltaic system is worthwhile for you

My solar roof is precisely tailored to you

Your new PV system will be tailored precisely to your needs. This means that you can use the electricity you generate yourself in your own household and know your energy costs for tomorrow today.

It pays off for you right from the start.

With our leasing model, in particular, you don't have to plan your own financing. We take over the investment costs for you. The monthly lease is already cheaper than the electricity costs that you would have without the solar system. You save right from the start!

We work with the best from the region.

You can lean back and relax. Together with regional craftsmen, we take care of the individual planning and installation of your solar system

Advantages of the lease model

  • own green electricity without acquisition costs
  • low monthly rent
  • We take care of the planning, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs of the solar system
  • additional power storage possible
  • own green electricity
  • We take over the planning and construction of the solar system
  • additional power storage possible
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Is it worth having my own photovoltaic system for me?

Yes, if you meet the following characteristics:

  • You are a private or commercial customer and building owner.
  • You use the electricity generated by the solar system yourself, so you live or work in your property.

What does a photovoltaic system cost?

If you opt for our all-round carefree package, we will cover all acquisition costs. You only pay a monthly rent. But you also have the option of buying the system yourself. You can determine both costs, both the monthly lease and the purchase price, individually using our solar roof calculator. All conventional roof shapes are suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system. The factors of roof pitch, available roof area and roof orientation are of great importance.
If your building is a listed building, you must first check whether a solar system can be installed.

Which roof areas are suitable for installing a solar system?

All conventional roof shapes are suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system. The factors of roof pitch, available roof area and roof orientation are of great importance.
If your building is a listed building, you must first check whether a solar system can be installed.

Which components are used for the PV system?

The solar system consists of high quality technical components. These ensure stable electricity yields, high efficiency and a long service life for the photovoltaic system. We rely on regional specialists for the installation and maintenance of your system.

Who owns the photovoltaic system?

It all depends on you.
When you buy the solar system, you are both the owner and the owner of it. Would you prefer to lease? Then we are the owner and you are the owner. Regardless of what you choose - all of the electricity that the solar system produces is yours.

Do you need a building permit for the solar system?

As a rule, no building permit is required for installation on a one- or two-family house. If your building is under monument protection, you must first check whether a photovoltaic system can be installed.

Who is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the photovoltaic system?

That depends on your decision. If you choose our all-round carefree package, you don't have to worry about anything: we take responsibility for maintenance and repair for you. However, if you buy the system yourself, you have to take care of regular maintenance and repair yourself.

What happens after the contract period expires?

If you bought the system right from the start, it will be yours for the entire term of the contract. As part of the lease model, after the contract period has expired, you can individually agree with us to purchase the solar system at extremely favorable conditions in order to save further.

How does a photovoltaic system work?

Put simply, a photovoltaic system works like this: Sunlight falls on the solar cells mounted on the roof, which generate direct current from them. The solar cells arranged next to one another are interconnected to form large modules. The direct current is converted into alternating current via a so-called inverter. You can use this current to cover your own private consumption. If you generate more electricity than you can use yourself, it will be fed into the public grid.