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Event registration & ticketing: what does Eventbrite offer?

There are many ticketing providers for events. As an organizer you are spoiled for choice between all the different offers with their respective advantages. One of the largest international online providers, with around two million tickets processed per week, is Eventbrite. The company was founded in San Francisco in 2006, making it one of the very first online ticketing providers. Eventbrite is now used in over 180 countries. Eventbrite has also had its own branch in Germany since January 2015 - time to take a closer look at what is on offer.

First of all, Eventbrite is increasingly relying on mobile technologies: Event managers can set up and administer their events using their mobile phone or tablet. Guests can buy tickets directly on their mobile phones and can also check in using their mobile phones. If you want, you can do so without installing an app. There is, for example, Neon, an app for organizers with which they can manage their event and also scan tickets at the door. Or the Eventbrite app for visitors, with which they can show tickets, among other things. But in principle everything also runs in the smartphone browser. This is actually an advantage and service, because not everyone always wants to install an app in order to be able to use an offer on the go.

Another aspect that may be of interest to organizers is payment processing. In general, payments can be made via bank cards (credit and debit), on account, via SEPA transfer or PayPal. However, if organizers choose Eventbrite as their payment processor, they can reimburse ticket buyers for all ticket costs in the event of a refund. Say the ticket price, the ticket fee and the fee for payment processing. In this way neither the organizer nor the ticket buyer loses any money. For organizers of free events, e.g. company events, the use of Eventbrite is completely free!

Let's get to a few selected features of Eventbrite:

A selection of Eventbrite features

  • Current technologies: Eventbrite is evidently evolving and its own functions are evolving and regularly adapting the offer to the latest standards for organizers and visitors. The latest novelty is the contactless entry control via RFID (initially only in the USA) and analysis tools for e.g. event marketing, ticket sales and check-in.
  • Cross-platform sales: Tickets can be sold or registered via their own website, Facebook, the Eventbrite portal (desktop & mobile) and the Eventbrite apps (Android and iOS).
  • Tips for organizers: The Berlin team regularly publishes good tips and suggestions for event managers on the German-language Eventbrite blog.
  • Supporting doctorate: Numerous integrated tools, e.g. integrated social media sharing as well as the possibility of sending invitations and emails via the Eventbrite account, allow organizers to control and analyze many marketing activities directly on the ticketing platform.
  • Integration with other services: Eventbrite works with over 130 partner companies, whose offers can be synchronized with your own Eventbrite account. For example, surveys with SurveyMonkey, email campaigns with MailChimp, CRM measures with Salesforce, etc. can be implemented without having to re-enter or upload all data.
  • Everything in one app: Participant management, ticket scanning, an overview of sales (in real time) and a mobile, free box office - Eventbrite Neon combines the most important functions in one app.
  • Free support: Organizers have free German support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including on the phone (in German during German business hours, and in English as well).
  • Fee structure: For each ticket sold, 99 cents + 2.5% of the ticket price are charged as a service fee. In addition, there is 2% of the ticket price for online payment processing via Eventbrite. These fees can either be borne by the organizer or the visitor (decision is made by the organizer).
  • Free for free events: For all events that do not charge admission fees, regardless of their size, there are no fees for using Eventbrite.
  • International presence: Organizers can fall back on eight country offices and their local expertise if, for example, an internationalization of their own series of events is planned. Whether the event takes place in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Australia or the USA, the ticketing provider is always there.
  • Additional income opportunities: If you want to sell more than tickets, Eventbrite can also offer merchandise items.

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