Should I get up early during the exams?

The perfect morning routine for your exam day

by Tim Reichel

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your alarm goes off. You press the snooze button and turn around again. After a few minutes you open your eyes again and sit upright in bed.

Today is the exam!

Get up quickly, get dressed and go to the bathroom. Have a quick cup of coffee, burn your tongue, curse and then let's go so that you don't be late for the exam.

Do you recognize yourself here?

To be honest: I did it for several semesters. Before my exams, I studied until the middle of the night, only to get up tired the next morning and leave the house at the last minute.

In retrospect, this was Morning routine pretty stupid.

Because you can't start the day much worse than described above. Pure stress. And on days when you have an exam, you actually have to take every percent of your performance and motivation with you that you can get.

That’s why I’m going to show you how to start a day of the exam perfectly and which habits ensure that you can later call up your best performance in the exam.


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Why you need a strong morning routine

In the morning, or rather after getting up, you set the course for the rest of the day with your first steps.

Either you start actively and motivated and then tackle your tasks with a lot of energy or you start stressed and in a bad mood and rush from appointment to appointment.

So it is your habits that will determine how your day goes. And on days when you have an important exam due, your morning routine will help determine how successful you will be in this exam.

A strong morning routine is part of your exam preparation!

And so that you don't have to build your own portfolio of habits, I've put together a little morning routine for you.


With these 7 steps you can start the day perfectly

Of course, you have to find your own, very personal routine and build the habits that suit you individually.

The following tips work quite well for me and are also recommended by one or the other adviser. Just test a bit and then decide which actions suit you best:


Step 1: drink water

The first thing to do after you wake up is drink. And that is water. No coffee, no cola, just water. Sounds stupid, but it is important after 6-8 hours of sleep without hydration to start the day dynamically.

If you provide your dehydrated body with enough water (about 0.5 liters) in the morning, you will replenish your reservoirs and get going faster.


Step 2: short sports session

Speaking of gaining momentum: A short exercise session in the morning can work wonders for the rest of the day and ensure that your circulation is in good shape.

In addition, you get a little sense of achievement and you are happy that you have done something for yourself and your health.

Don't overdo yourself and start very small: 15 minutes of jogging, 10 push-ups or 20 sit-ups. That is enough. The main thing is that you work up a sweat and challenge your body. By the way, sex counts too.


Step 3: have breakfast

It is important that you eat sensibly and provide your body with the right nutrients before your exam. Only then will you have enough energy and can concentrate optimally.

You don't have to take half an hour to set the table and prepare an egg for breakfast. It's not about celebrating your breakfast, but about pragmatic food intake that gets you ahead.

It's unromantic, but it works. There are a few tips here and here.


Step 4: positive thinking

During an exam, your mental attitude is at least as important as your physical condition. With the right mindset, you are much more successful in stressful situations and you won't easily make wrong decisions.

Therefore, try to get in the positive mood the morning before your exam. Remember your previous successes and be aware of what you have already achieved.

If you need inspiration, I have gathered 50 strong thoughts for you in this article that you can use to motivate yourself very easily.


Step 5: short repetition

My routine before the exam always includes a short repetition of the subject matter. But. Really. Just. Short.

Just take another quick look at your summary and skim through the essentials. No details, no background information. Only the most important. So close to your exam, in-depth learning won't get you any further anyway.

So only get a rough overview of the material and don't get caught up in details.


Step 6: calm down

After you've scanned your records one last time, now comes the hardest part of this morning routine: rest.

Before you leave your room and make your way to the exam, take 5 minutes to sit down comfortably and relax. Take a deep breath, organize your thoughts and relax. Try not to think about your exam and all the stress, but reinforce your positive thoughts from point 4.

Many coaches recommend meditation before exam situations. Personally, I can't do that and I'm always too jittery. It probably makes sense anyway.

This book is supposed to be really good.

It's also in my closet. Unread, but it's there.


Step 7: smile

Last step: smile.

Never leave the house with a long face and drooping corners of your mouth. And certainly not if you are on your way to an exam.

Take a positive approach. Be happy. Not on the fucking exam, but on the fact that you face the task and grow beyond yourself with every step and get better.

Even if you are afraid or excited: smile.


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With these 7 steps you can build up a strong morning routine that ensures that you start your exam day perfectly:

  • drinking water
  • Short sports session
  • Have breakfast
  • Positive thinking
  • Brief repetition
  • Come to rest
  • smile

In stressful situations, it is helpful if you can fall back on patterns and habits that give you support. Therefore, try to develop a suitable morning routine for you that will help you during your studies and make you strong before exams.

Then you have at least one less worry before your next exam.

Or have you already set up a morning routine? What does she look like?


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