Why do so many people love Disneyland

Disneyland Paris? No thanks! Honestly, we don't really understand why people storm the park!

1. Anyone who has just arrived in Disneyland wants to go out ...

We haven't even visited an attraction from which we want to escape, very far ... But who honestly came up with the idea of ​​building this park? No interest and we really wonder how people young and old can love Disneyland so much!

I would dream of going to Disneyland Paris with ___? Je rêverais d'aller à Disneyland Paris avec ___ #DisneylandParis #MickeyMouse #DisneyHotels #Friend (Credit: @_ paigegolding)

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2. The castle is terrible!

But how can you create such a horror? Everything is pink ... and then the blue, there is no more terrible. Even Sleeping Beauty wouldn't sleep there. One wonders why tourists bother to photograph the castle.

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3. The parade is nothing out of the ordinary

All these colors ... it's sad! It's hard to believe that children can make smiling faces and satisfied eyes watching a parade like this. Creating all of these tanks and costumes didn't have to take that much man-time because of the result ... See the result.

Color, activity and magic. It's Disney Stars On Parade of course! Des couleurs, de la vie, de la magic. Pas de doute, c'est la Disney Stars On Parade! ??? #DisneylandParis #DisneyStarsOnParade (Credit: @margotatdlp)

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4. The decors are not exceptional

It is clear that decoration level is not yoyo, those who work on the decoration should take lessons from Valérie Damidot. Fly to Paris to see this ... so stay home!

Fancy a glimpse of the Wild West? ???? Partant pour un petit aperçu de l'Ouest sauvage? #DisneylandParis #BigThunderMountain (Credit: @ daaaan010)

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5. The attractions are not sensational!

Are you adventurous and think that you can feel comfortable at Disney? Go your way! This park will never give you the dose of adrenaline you need!

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6. There is no need to hope for a photo with Mickey, Minnie and Co. ...

Are you hoping to take pictures alongside your favorite Disney heroes? You can't find them here! So when it comes to hearing the little one cry all day for not seeing Mickey Mouse, forget about the idea of ​​taking it to Disney!

Mickey Mouse never says no to a lovely souvenir photo! ??? Mickey ne dit jamais non à une jolie photo souvenir! #DisneylandParis #Mickey #Souvenir #Cute (Credit: @ cento_78)

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7. It is an armored world all the time

Scared! We cannot put one foot in front of the other. It's black everywhere, and all the time. No matter what time or place you are, to be really shaken up without stopping!

My first memory at Disneyland Paris is ___ Mon premier souvenir à Disneyland Paris, c'est ____ #DisneylandParis #MagicalPlace #Castle #Cute (Credit: @ daren.nop)

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8. The night show is not particularly worth seeing ...

Wait 20 minutes to see such an artistic disaster? No thanks! It is better to stay home before the show "Les Victoires de la Musique"!

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9. It's not so magical at Christmas ..

Every year the same story takes place at the end of the year. We are all totally inundated with ads inviting us to come to Disneyland Paris for Christmas for magical moments. But of course, there is absolutely nothing magical about it, let alone Christmas!

Last day at #disneylandparis for us! I will miss being here ?? #noelsuperstar

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10. For Halloween, don't bother decorating!

Even the horse betting office closest to you has a better decoration for this type of celebration!

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No, you have to be really crazy to bring your children to this park :-) And if you still want to take your little family with you, we offer you to book a stay in one of the Disneyland Park hotels, a story that you realize for yourself that this place is absolutely not worth a detour!

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