What are the different types of Catholicism

What are the different types of sins in Catholicism?

There is much. There aren't really exclusive, non-overlapping types of sin, but rather a whole host of different classification schemes that we use that divide the landscape in different useful ways for various reasons. Catholic theologians have asked, "What are the types of sin?" Answered in different ways many, many times for various reasons. The distinction between mortals and mortals is probably the most important, but I think the actual / original distinction is up there to counteract misconceptions about sin. A brief but tolerable introduction to the subject is available here, covering the basic distinctions and their purposes. You asked for a list of descriptors with short definitions and I tried that below, but be aware that due to their brevity they are incomplete and incorrect:

mortal - which leads to the destruction of charity and the loss of sanctifying grace.

venial - not mortal

Grave - with 'grave matter' as an object.

Light that has no “heavy matter” as its object.

Actual sin resulting from a person's actions (or lack thereof) resting on that person.

Original sin resulting from the act of one person (i.e., man and woman) resting on another person. This definition is suspect, but I am not sure how to properly deal with original sin in such a short period of time. Please read the New Advent article.

Commission sins in which you do evil (i.e., you take an act other than no act, and the act you take is evil)

Sins of omission where you wickedly "neglect" (ie, you take the act of taking no action, and that inaction is evil)

Ignorance - sins committed by invincible ignorance (i.e. you are stupid and it is your own fault)

Passionate sins that you commit to voluntarily entertain passions in an evil way (e.g., hatred of a person or the people in general)

Affliction - as far as I can tell, not well defined.

Malice - sins motivated by hatred, especially against persons (which is never allowed). If this wickedness is directed against the person of God himself, it is the worst kind of sin, mortal and, in fact, properly characterized as diabolical.

Thought sins committed through thought. Much overlap with sins of passion.

Word sins committed through communication.

Acts committed by physically doing things in the world.

material - actually not a sin, but against the divine law. Actions whose morality is wiped out by insanity or invincible ignorance or the like.

formal - actually a will-state sin. used to contrast with material.

inner sins that take place entirely within themselves.

morbid pleasure - enjoying fantasizing about sinful things without wanting them

Gaudium - Looking back on past sins with joy and complacency

Desires for sinful things

Pride that comes from the truck of the same name

Greed sins that stem from the vice of the same name

Gluttony sins that stem from the vice of the same name

Sloths that come from the truck of the same name

Lust sins that come from the vice of the same name

Envious sins from the vice of the same name

Sins of wrath that come from the vice of the same name


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