How can I send mail to Mexico

Mail to and from Mexico

In principle, parcels and parcels from private individuals to private individuals can be sent from Germany to Mexico without further customs formalities. The mail, however, can take up to six weeks to travel, depending on whether you send it by airmail or sea freight.

However, the shipping prices and the purchase of additional insurance, if not included in the shipping price, are quite high. However, it is advisable to take out insurance, as the mail can only partially arrive or be lost.

In a package to Mexico, all products and their value must be listed, otherwise the recipient must pay customs duties in Mexico. It is advisable to attach this list of contents in Spanish and English and to send a copy to the recipient by email. In this way, the recipient can check whether everything has arrived.

What can be sent without an export permit from German customs and what an export permit is required for can be found on the German customs website. If an export declaration is required, then it becomes a bit time-consuming, because you have to fill out a few additional forms, such as the so-called customs declaration. If necessary, this is available as a PDF document on the Deutsche Post website. It should be noted that there are different forms for small parcels and parcels.

German customs: Shipments to a non-EU country

Deutsche Post: Customs information

Parcels and packages that are sent via DHL / Deutsche Post must be posted in a branch in Germany. We have listed two links below for current prices and information on shipping. The information page also contains links to customs information and import regulations.

DHL / Deutsche Post: Information page for shipping to Mexico

DHL / Deutsche Post: tariff calculator for letters, parcels and parcels

Mail can also be sent through various courier services such as FedEX, TNT, UPS, etc. They are usually more expensive than DHL because they are usually sent by express delivery. In return, the parcel will arrive in a few days (max. 2 weeks). It is worth comparing prices from different providers. We recommend the following websites for this purpose.

Transglobal Express: comparison of shipping costs

Jumingo: comparison of shipping costs