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Seminars in Section II

Lifelong learning

Coping strategies and stress management

Continuous changes and restructuring at ever shorter intervals mean that knowledge that was successfully applied yesterday no longer leads to success today. For the success of all projects, it is therefore of crucial importance that continuous change processes are lived and successfully implemented in everyday working life.

  • Management training and management supervision
  • Change management
  • Coping and stress management
  • Dealing with chronic over or
  • Underchallenge
  • The "burn-out syndrome"
  • "Work-Live-Balance"
  • health Management
  • Lifelong learning
  • The learning organization
  • Business cycle events
  • Creativity and fun in coaching and supervision

Organizational development

The power of the informal aspects

Often everything is done right on the formal level. In particular, the informal aspects of human relationships elude logical solutions. The motto here is: “The company is what we believe it is.” Like informal aspects for development and
Change can be used will be the topic of this seminar.

  • Dynamic in groups
  • Acquisition and control of group processes
  • Analysis and handling of organizational patterns
  • and group processes
  • Instruments for controlling large groups
  • Organizational Development Principles
  • System and structure constellations
  • Metaphorical Techniques
  • organization chart
  • Dynamic staging methods
  • Group process and group self-reflection


Supervision and coaching in different contexts

The success of systemic interventions is largely determined by the respective context. Only with an appropriate context sensitivity and setting variability is it possible to successfully implement the various types of systemic intervention. The successful transfer of the training content into the various practical fields of the participants will be the subject of this seminar.

  • economy
  • Judiciary
  • Sports
  • politics
  • Movie
  • media
  • psychiatry
  • Psychosomatic
  • maintenance
  • Youth welfare


From the end back to the beginning

A successful conclusion is just as crucial for the sustainability of coaching and supervision as a successful start. To be able to end a route marked by the most varied of conflicts and developments in the awareness of what has been achieved creates the opportunity to give the changes the necessary stability.

  • The successful conclusion
  • Success control and evaluation
  • Professional and personal care
  • Intuitive negotiation strategies
  • The personal formula of authority
  • Leadership and suffering: a personal review
  • Professional development and biography work
  • Reflection on your own professional development

self reflection

The professionally relevant self-awareness takes place in the form of a three-day seminar in the conference center. In this seminar, the participants are encouraged to deal with the conflicts, roles and resources of their current professional and life situations.


The four three-day seminars are accompanied by two two-day supervision seminars. In the supervision seminars we try to convey systemic work to the participants in such a way that they are able to promote the individual history, professional identity and zest for life of their clients.


After successful participation in the first and second year of training, you will be certified as a “systemic coach and supervisor” by the Society for Systemic Therapy and Consulting (GST GmbH). With the appropriate professional qualifications, this training course can also be used to obtain certification as a "Systemic Supervisor (DGSF)" or
"Systemic Coach (DGSF)" can be requested from the German Society for Systemic Therapy and Family Therapy (DGSF) and the German Society for Supervision (DGSv).

Training costs

The second year of training extends over a period of 12 months and is divided into:

  • 4 three-day theory and method seminars
  • 2 two-day supervision seminars
  • 1 three-day self-awareness seminar

The costs for the second part of the training amount to 2,640 euros and are paid in 12 monthly installments of 220 euros each by the GST
GmbH moved in. Participation in the first seminar (440, - €) serves to
Orientation and does not require participation in the entire training (Sections I & II).

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