Stress can lead to more creativity

Job Stress: Effects on Health & Creativity [Infographic]

As a reason for stress among employees, work is the undisputed number 1 of the largest polluters. Followed closely by money, which has a lot to do with the job.

We have summarized for you what effects stress has on us and how best to deal with it. In the infographic below, you have it in mind again.

Stress and work

Overall, 41 percent of Americans say they are stressed out at work. The value has increased. Only 58 percent of employees still feel able to cope with this pressure.

This is also a health problem, as stress-related heart attacks occur more often, or rather the Main reason for long-term illness is also stress.

Only 10 percent of American workers think they are really doing their best at work. Also passes under one extreme time pressure almost half of all employees enjoy developing new ideas or solving more complex problems.

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How does stress affect creativity?

Stress has always signaled threat or danger to the body.

That solves the Basic instinct to flee or to attack and thus interrupts the connections between the rational parts of the brain.

This results in the so-called Tunnel vision: It reduces the ability to see different perspectives on a problem. This fixes oneself on repeating the old work instead of trying out other solutions.

The majority of all doctor visits are due stress-related complaints made. For example, this exposure can cause the following clinical pictures:

  • a headache
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • depressions
  • Anxiety attacks

Around more than 50 percent of employees also state that they can worry about stress sleep disorders to lead.

How does stress shrink the brain?

Is one for a long time The stress hormone cortisol exposed, this seems to shrink the neurons and interfere with their ability to send and receive information through the brain networks (dendrites). These neurons are mainly located in the perforal cortex, which is responsible for many important processes. Among other things, he is responsible for that Solving of problems, the Accepting challenges, the Impulse control and the regulation of glucose and insulin metabolism.

This is how employers can reduce stress

First, the workload should be adjusted to the capacity and skills of the employees and given that room to grow. This enables their talents to be promoted in their position.

One should make sure that all employees have their Job responsibilities and give them the opportunity to have a say in changes that affect their job.

A sense of community and mutual support

The office features of mega-corporation Google are open spaces that lead to the Exchange of ideas and collaboration should stimulate. This strengthens the sense of community and in the event of stress someone is immediately available to help and compensate for the loss of work.

Wellbeing is very important: massages are subsidized and there are free yoga and Pilates classes. Likewise, courses on correct stress management. A nutritionist can also look after the employees if requested and support them in matters of health and nutrition.

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This is how workers can reduce stress

In order to know what the cause of the stress is, one should have a "Stress directory " with the different situations that trigger it. After a short period of time, you should look for a solution for each item on the list.

Also plays the time pressure a role: the better the time management, the less stress there is. Maintaining different perspectives, taking regular breaks and taking better care of yourself guarantee a stress-free life.

Yoga, meditation or jogging will help

Ultimately, it can be said that above all physical well-being plays a big role in managing stress. If you do fitness exercises several times a week, go jogging or relax mentally through yoga or meditation, it is easier to reduce stress.

Infographic: Effects of stress on the job

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