How many Nigerians are in Silicon Valley

Zuckerberg: Nigeria could become the next Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is considered the most important location for IT companies worldwide. Whether Facebook, Netflix or Google, almost all of the major players are based in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco. But where could the next hotspot arise? If Mark Zuckerberg has his way, Nigeria, or more precisely Lagos, is one of the trend points of the future.

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The Facebook founder was only recently there and took a look at the conditions in Nigeria. Some important companies and start-ups are already based in Lagos, and the number is rising. The advantage: great financial potential and an already decent infrastructure. But there are also downsides: The Internet is not yet widespread, which of course does not help growth. It must also be mentioned that Zuckerberg probably also has his own advantage in mind. Nigeria is a big market for Facebook and Co., the development there still allows a lot.

But you don't necessarily have to be the CEO of Facebook to realize that companies that are still growing are extremely interesting for the big players. For Internet companies, it is not so important where they are located, and there is also hope for “human resources”, i.e. talent and motivated workforce, on the African market. It remains to be seen whether Lagos can actually become as big as Silicon Valley. But it cannot be a disadvantage for the African market if the big companies keep an eye on it.

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