How do I have wishes

Wüstenrot my life

Wishes as a strategy to satisfy one's own needs - that is the theory behind it. The desire for more money is not automatically material. “Of course everyone wants more money,” says Scheuermann. “But on the one hand you can say: I want the money to buy myself a Ferrari or an even bigger house. But you can also say: I want money to take good care of my family, to donate money and contribute something to the world, or to be able to better live my essentials. " Money and meaning in life, money and security, money and care for myself and others, can be just as motivating as the pursuit of money and consumption.

Advisor intuition

But how do I know which need is really behind my wishes? In our fast-paced, consumer-oriented world, this is precisely what many find difficult. “I think the lightning response is a good approach. I ask myself: what do I need? What is my need What is good for me? ”Says Scheuermann. The first answer that comes to mind counts: "With this first answer, we are most likely to be in contact with our unconscious," explains the psychologist. "Intuition and gut feeling are also involved and they play a major role in our needs."

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