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Wedding invitation checklist

As soon as the wedding date, location and the guest list have been determined, it is time to send the wedding invitation. But what information must be included in the invitation to the guests? Our practical checklist for the wedding invitation summarizes the most important points.

Checklist for the wedding invitation: This information should not be missing

# 1: who invites to the wedding?

Sounds logical, but it is essential: The first and last names of the bride and groom should not be missing from the invitation. This is especially important for those guests who do not know one of the two. The address, telephone number and email address of the bride and groom should also be printed on the invitation.

# 2: what day do you get married? When do you get married?

Very important for the appointment planning: Date and time of the wedding ceremony, the reception / agape and the wedding celebration in the evening. If there is a “gap” in the program between the wedding ceremony and the evening wedding celebration, the guests should be explicitly informed of this.

# 3: Where do the wedding ceremony and wedding reception take place? And how do the guests get to the location?

The location of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception as well as a route map, especially if many people who are not familiar with the area are invited.

# 4: Is there a church and / or civil wedding?

Of course, it is also important for the guests and the daily planning whether there is a civil and / or a church wedding. So the wedding guests can adjust to how long the day will last.

# 5: what can the wedding guests expect?

Give your guests an overview of the most important items on the wedding day's program. This includes above all the wedding ceremony (registry office and / or church), reception / agape, group photo and the wedding celebration in the evening.

# 6: Until when is feedback requested?

u.A.w.g. (an answer is requested) with a deadline for the answer; possibly enclose a reply card

# 7: Are there any gift requests / a wedding list?

The reference to an attached gift list or a wedding table should of course not be missing. If you want money for the wedding, you should also state this on the invitation. In our article "Wishing money for a wedding" we have put together some nice phrases for you.

# 8: Are hotel rooms available to guests?

If there are guests who come from abroad, you should also give an overview of the overnight accommodations. Are hotel rooms reserved for guests? When do you have to report before the reservation expires? What is the price for a single or double room.

# 9: is there a dress code or motto?

If you want a certain style of clothing at your wedding, you must of course communicate this to the guests in the wedding invitation.

# 10: is there a master of ceremonies? Who is available for questions?

It is also helpful if the contact details of the witnesses or the master of ceremonies are given in the invitation. In this way, the guests can exchange ideas with them, for example if they have planned a surprise or a game.

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Wedding invitation checklist: Download for free

Our practical checklist for invitations is of course also available for download. We hope you enjoy planning.

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