Is Apex Legends bigger than Fortnite

Apex Legends

EA did with the Battle Royale game Apex Legends caught up with the competition from the genre and brought another great Battle Royale to the market! The hype of the Battle Royale games probably didn't pass any gamer, not even the developers. Shortly after the release, the numbers are already in a record-breaking area, because when it comes to numbers, the hype is greater here than with Fortnite, for example.

Play Apex Legends for free

You can play the game for free on PC and Xbox. On the PS4, on the other hand, it costs money, but only a tiny amount. Apex Legends is free for EA Access members. If you are not a member, the game is almost free, because it only costs you € 0.25. A price that is given for such a good game.

At Apex Legends it works. like in any other battle royale, to survive. The last team that was alive won. Sounds easy at first, but it involves a lot of fighting and tactics! The game is specially designed so that teamwork is required here and the players do not act as lone fighters.

The round starts here with 60 players on the map. Before you are flown over the map with the drop ship and then land somewhere with your team, you have to choose a character. The 8 different characters all have different skills that will be of use to your team during the game.

Have you landed somewhere with your team, you start to loot to equip yourself for the upcoming battles. Over time, the circle shown on the map gets smaller and smaller and pushes the players into a corner on the map. So don't take too much time with the loot, because the zone can catch up with you quickly. And when you are out of the zone, it harms you continuously until you eventually die.

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Before you start a round you should see if you have friends too Play Apex Legends. From the other Battle Royale it is known to choose between different lists like single BR, teams of 2 or 4, etc. Here it is so that you can only start a round in a team of 3. Therefore it would be an advantage to play with 2 other friends, otherwise you will get 2 random teammates. So, above all, teamwork is required here in order to be the last surviving team.

Teamwork is also required when choosing characters, because depending on the character, the player has a special task in the game. Because there are characters to track down enemies, to heal team members, to kill enemies more easily and many more. So agree beforehand who will play which role in the game.

The map at Apex Legends is very diverse, so that you can start your round in many different regions. The densely populated areas are usually damaged with a lot of loot and therefore popular for many teams to start there. So think carefully about where you want to go with your team. The map includes a part of the desert, forests. Wetlands and underground tunnels.

As a loot you will find a very large selection of weapons, ammunition, remedies and explosive weapons here. Again, talk to your team about who will take what. Because in combat it will be of advantage to you that you have something for long-range and close-range combat as well as explosives and remedies with you.

If you or a teammate is dead, there is an option to revive him. If a player has been killed, he first crawls around on the floor and can be revived by his mates. However, if the crawling player is completely killed, he drops a card that the other players can pick up. With this card you can get your buddies back into the group at the next resuscitation station. However, this draws a lot of attention to the team, because the pillar of light that towers into the sky see all enemies up close and will approach this station to fight you.


Since the focus here is more on team playing, we really like the game. Here you not only have to shoot around but also think a little bit to have the best chances in a fight. A disadvantage is that you should play with people you know if possible, otherwise you will be put into a team with random players. That can of course also go well, but sometimes it is also the case that the other players don't have a microphone, don't talk to you or are more of a lone warrior.

The principle with the characters or “legends” and their different skills also brings something new into the battle royale genre and thus also has a positive effect on our rating.

Is graphical Apex Legends at a very high level on the go, which you can not always expect from free games! The gameplay as well as the controls are user-friendly and therefore the first rounds are already a lot of fun.

But what we can still rate as negative is the number of players per round. With the other Battle Royale there are usually 100+ players per game and so the action starts right at the beginning. Here, depending on where you landed, it is usually very quiet at the start of the game and it takes a while to meet players. But this can also be an advantage if you prefer to loot in peace at the beginning of the round.

All in all, Apex Legends is a very joyful game that you like to play into the night. It can definitely keep up with the other games in the genre and it also has potential for improvement!

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Apex Legends FAQ

Is Apex Legends free?

The Battle Royale Apex Legends is free for PC and Xbox. For the PS4 it is also free with a price of 0.25 €. If you are an EA Access member, it is also free for you on the PS4.

How many players per round?

Unlike the conventional Battle Royales, here you play with 60 players per round. Advantage: You can loot in peace at the beginning. Disadvantage: Sometimes it takes longer to meet opponents.

For which consoles is Apex Legends available?

You can play Apex Legends on Xbox, PS4 and PC.

What's in the shop?

In the in-game shop you can buy skins and weapon camouflages with real money. Since this is not a pay-to-win game, you have no advantage in the game, only visual changes.

The best weapon in Apex Legends?

In our opinion, the Hemlok Burst AR is the best assault rifle of its kind. Whether at a distance or in close combat, the high precision and rate of fire are above average.