What are some contradictions in the making

Creation and avoidance of formal contradictions

Project team: Pascal Rickert, Oliver Fubel, Prof. Dr. Joscha Kärtner

In cooperation with theJob center in the Warendorf district.

Since the end of 2018, the job center in the Warendorf district has taken the first steps to identify starting points for reducing contradictions. The reason for this is that contradictions cause an enormous amount of work, which is unnecessary in almost two thirds of the cases, since the performance notice was issued in a factually and legally correct manner and the objection is consequently rejected. Existing problem areas and corresponding solutions were processed in April and May 2019; moderated by the Center for Learning, Development and Advice and with the involvement and cooperation of managers and employees of the job center in the Warendorf district (see project "Performance? - is not a contradiction!"). It became clear that although there is a lot of knowledge about which types of performance notices are prone to errors and contradictions, there is little knowledge about which factors on the part of the beneficiaries decide whether an objection is made (question 1), and How the job center in the Warendorf district can support those entitled to benefits in only filing an objection if the notification actually contains an error in order to reduce the effort involved in processing unnecessary contradictions (question 2).
The questions and survey methods are being further developed in close coordination with the job center in the Warendorf district. It is currently planned to answer the questions due to their exploratory character both by means of qualitative (here: partially structured interviews) and quantitative surveys (here: questionnaires) of beneficiaries. The earnings report is planned for the second quarter of 2020.