Can we oil our hair after smoothing?

Beauty facts: hair oil

Hair oil is no longer a trend, but an integral part of our hair care routine. The rich elixirs nourish the hair intensively thanks to their precious oils and make it supple for a long time. This effectively tames frizz and prevents moisture loss. Hair oils have positive care properties both as a natural variant and with synthetic ingredients. Which products are preferred depends on the result and personal taste. We'll show you how hair oil can optimize your hair care:

What's in it?

It is not surprising that hair oil has become an absolute favorite when you are familiar with the positive effects: The oils wrap around each individual hair like a protective film without weighing it down or making it look greasy. The rich care from natural oils rebuilds the hair, makes it smoother, detangles, moisturizes, prevents frizz and prevents split ends. An all-rounder that has been used in Japanese beauty rituals for years.

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Among the most commonly used oils in hair care are

  • Argan oil cares for normal to thick hair and gives it suppleness and shine with valuable ingredients.
  • Coconut oil envelops the hair in a subtle exotic scent and makes it healthy and resilient.
  • Marula oil is especially good for taking care of fine hair.
  • Rose oil not only smells particularly good, it also nourishes the skin and scalp.
  • Rose hip oil is rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids that build hair from the inside out.
  • Prickly pear oil with its unsaturated fatty acids has a revitalizing effect and strengthens the hair.

How to use hair oil

As pre-care

For intensive care or as a cure, leave the hair oil on overnight. The rich care is massaged generously into the lengths and tips and also applied to the scalp - the following applies here: do not be economical! The next morning, wash off the oil with 1-2 washes. These overnight treatments are particularly recommended in winter, because the hair is stressed and leached from the dry air. Dry tips also benefit from an application shortly before shampooing: the oil wraps itself around the dry tips like a protective shield and thus prevents additional moisture loss during washing.

As a leave-in

Hair oil is most popular as a leave-in care product because it doesn't need to be rinsed off. The oil is massaged into towel-dried hair. Moisture and fat combine so that the water-in-oil emulsion can penetrate the hair better. In addition, the oil also acts as heat protection when blow-drying and straightening.

As a finish

After styling, the oil can add a nice shine to the lengths and ends. Flying hairs are tamed and the look looks more elegant and well-groomed. Those who tend to split ends can "camouflage" the brittle ends with a little oil and make them look smoother. The hair should be completely cooled for the right effect.

tip: Whether as a leave-in or finish, 2-3 drops / pumps of hair oil are completely sufficient to achieve a care effect. Those who use natural oils should use even less so that the hair does not become straggly.


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