Can foreigners buy an island in Indonesia?

Bali real estate and country houses

Bali Real Estate and Country Houses from BPI Bali Indonesia: Rent, Build Yourself, Buy a Ready-Made House in Bali, Indonesia Bali Real Estate. Rent or sale. Experience Bali in a luxury villa or home. Let's build your Bali dream home. On these pages we show you real estate in Bali: from inexpensive houses to luxury country houses to undeveloped land on which you can build your own house. Buying property in Bali can be an adventure; we can make it easier for you. Just send us an email for an appointment, and we will show you our offers and, if necessary, explain the laws governing property ownership by foreigners in Indonesia. Some houses or country houses can also be rented, so you have the opportunity to try out whether the chosen location suits you for a longer period of time.

If you prefer to plan everything yourself and also want to build it yourself, we offer you the opportunity to inspect houses that were built by the architects and contractors we represent. Bali offers many possibilities: You can buy land on the beach or in the mountains, build or buy a villa or a simple house in the rice fields or in a village. There is something for every budget in Bali.

We cannot promise you that you will get rich with real estate in Bali, although some people do well with it. We think that buying a home is first and foremost something that you do for yourself. This island gives you the opportunity to get a house or villa for a reasonable price, with a good chance that you can still make money from it. We are happy to help you rent your property, be it through this website or through other channels.

If you already own a house or a hotel in Bali, we are happy to help you rent or sell it. We generally recommend ourselves for everything that has to do with renting, leasing, buying or selling real estate.

Bali: a home on a tropical island, in a part of Indonesia with a friendly, accommodating population and a colorful Hindu culture. Where life is relaxing and enjoyable. And the real estate inexpensive.