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18 sports podcasts worth listening to for your motivation

Sport plays a big role in many people's lives. In Germany, a lot is outshone by the number one popular sport, football. This is also noticeable on the podcast market, as there is a wealth of podcasts worth listening to. But there are also individual audio contributions for almost every other sport that are inspiring and profound. We have tips for you for the best podcasts about handball, basketball, football, athletics, ice hockey, Formula 1 and fitness.

Football podcasts

Collina's heirs

A podcast that looks at football from a slightly different perspective is Collina's heirs. The site has dedicated itself entirely to refereeing and has made a name for itself in the football scene for a long time. And the podcast of the guys from Collinas Erben is now well established on the market, with almost 100 episodes already. The decisions of the referees in the Bundesliga are scrutinized at irregular intervals. But also the topics around whistling or refereeing in the amateur leagues will be discussed. A podcast that looks at football from the referee's point of view. For anyone who just wants to hear whether their own anger about the referee last weekend was really justified. The name comes from the Italian cult referee Pierluigi Collina.
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Wild league

The Wild League is the podcast of the soccer magazine 11 Freunde. The boys and girls from Berlin are known for taking an interesting look behind the glamorous facade of the Bundesliga, producing excellent and in-depth reports and not losing their humor in the process. The magazine for football culture has a guest every Thursday and discusses current events and their history in sport with them. It doesn't always have to be a person from football. Tim Mälzer and Fahri Yardim have also been there before, for example.
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Phrase mower

Phrase mower is the sports podcast by Kai Traemann, also known as the sports director of the Bild newspaper. And since the picture has a special reputation in Germany, Traemann tries to take the wind out of the sails of his guests by giving them a free hand in the category “picture bashing” to tell what bothers them about the medium . Once that is let out, the conversation starts. For more than an hour, Traemann talks to the guests, who talk openly and honestly and are known to also give their opinion. Marcell Jansen, for example, talks about what it is like to be President of Hamburger SV. Friedhelm Funkel, David Alaba and Bibiana Steinhaus have also been guests. Interesting 1: 1 conversations that are worth listening to.
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Lawn radio

Rasenfunk actually has three football podcasts produced by journalist Max-Jacob Ost. At around 60 minutes, the lawn radio short pass is not as short as the name suggests. There is a guest, a moderator and a topic. For example, what was going on in the 2nd division, how is it in Spain and so on. The topics are broad. The lawn radio grandstand talk is dedicated to a topic even more intensively. Timeless topics are discussed from front to back for over two hours, sometimes even longer. The history of soccer tactics, doping in soccer or detailed interviews with players, coaches and the people who are not always caught in a thunderstorm of flashlights - all of this can be found in the grandstand talk. There remains the final conference, which discusses the previous Bundesliga matchday - also in great detail - and often focuses primarily on tactics. Journalist Ost has two guests in the studio. Depending on the episode, the focus is on a single Bundesliga club, for which one of the guests is also an expert.
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The RuhrNachrichten BVB Podcast

Borussia Dortmund is the second largest club in Germany after Bayern Munich. And the experts when it comes to BVB are Ruhr Nachrichten. Because they sit in the heart of Dortmund and maintain particularly good contact with the black and yellow. Once a week, the BVB editors of the Ruhr Nachrichten discuss current events around the club. How is a departure in the defense to be assessed, what is the prognosis for a new addition, who was particularly convincing at the weekend and who simply cannot get a foot in the door at BVB? And above all: How is the fight for the German championship going? The episodes last between 30 and 90 minutes, and a BVB-affine guest is always there and chats from the sewing box. A dream for all Dortmund fans.
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Kicker meets DAZN

With the magazine Kicker and streaming provider DAZN, two greats in football have teamed up and jointly developed a podcast that has it all. In every episode of the relatively new podcast there is a guest from football. Fredi Bobic, for example, talks about the transfers during the summer break, Jonathan Tah gives an insight into his plans with the national team and reveals what it is like to play with the megalent Kai Havertz and Loris Karius looks back on his time at Liverpool FC and says, what he likes so much about football in Turkey. An episode that shows the football professionals apart from the otherwise so smoothly ironed-out interviews after the games always lasts about an hour.
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Girls with Balls

In sport, women are often underrepresented, at least in the media. One podcast that goes against it is "Girls with Balls". Everything here revolves around women in football. The podcast is produced by Ali Riley, who is herself the captain of the New Zealand national soccer team and is active at club level in Germany at Bayern Munich. Riley speaks to her guests for about an hour. Anja Mittag tells, for example, how she made it to become world champion. But other greats in women's football are also featured in the podcast, such as the Danish Pernille Harder, who was named Europe's Footballer of the Year in 2018. A podcast about brave women who made their dream come true.
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The pre-stoppers

Ex-professional and Bundesliga legend Michael Schulz and sports reporter Mathias Scherff take a look at the current Bundesliga matchday once a week in the podcast “Die Vorstopper”. In other words, a high level of football expertise where you don't take yourself too seriously. They discuss, comment and analyze in an entertaining way - sensitively and tactfully as usual. Just like Michael Schulz was on the pitch back then. When both of them are at the end of their game, they get the Borussia Dortmund super fan “Borussen Bernie” on board. He always has his technically well-founded opinion ready.
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General sports podcasts

And now to the sport

The Süddeutsche Zeitung offers many different podcasts which, like the newspaper, stand for looking behind the facade and presenting in-depth analyzes. This is no different with the SZ's sports podcast. Current topics from the big wide world of sport are discussed across the board. Who is Fritz Keller, who is to become the new DFB President, how did the Tour de France 2019 go and why has that changed cycling something and why is it dealing with the athlete Caster Semenya, who doubts that she is a woman , a problem? A great podcast, always about 30 minutes long. Mostly not just football - and above all no reporting on results.
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Sports talk

Deutschlandfunk is known for high-quality produced podcasts and of course does not stop at sport. During the sports talk, there is always a guest in the studio and conversations with the moderators about a current topic. It can be about life as a Bundesliga coach, as in the conversation with Sandro Schwarz, but it can also be about doping in skiing or sport as a help against depression. Very interesting, great experts and always about 30 minutes long.
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Alone is difficult

Mats Hummels is one of the most famous footballers in Germany and until recently held the defense together in the national team. His brother Jonas was also a professional footballer, but had to end his career after several cruciate ligament tears and is now on the road as a sports presenter. Together the two are one heart and one soul. In their podcast, they talk about sports every two weeks - and not just about football. Tennis, basketball, ice hockey and other major sporting events are also topics of "Alone is difficult". Because the two are sports fanatics. If you want to look behind the facade of professional footballers and get to know them a little more personally, you should give them a listen.
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Podcasts about other sports

Basket hunter | Basketball podcast

The NBA is one of the largest sports leagues in the world, but in Germany it hardly ever takes place in the reporting. No reason for Max Marbeiter and Ole Frerks not to pursue their love for American basketball. The weekly podcast, which takes a closer look at the basket hunters, lasts between one and two hours. How can current player changes be assessed, how is the season going, what are the Free Agency's tops and flops? You can hear all of that here. If you are more interested in German basketball, the basketball department is the right place for you.
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Down, Set, Talk | Football podcast

The official podcast of the two sports sites DAZN and Spox is Down, Set, Talk by Christoph Kröger and Adrian Franke. Every Thursday - if nothing out of the ordinary like Adrian Luck's resignation - the two talk for between 90 and 120 minutes about everything that happens in the big wide world of football. With a lot of expertise, they take apart the playoffs and the divisions, analyze the clubs as well as players and special features in individual matches. For the ever-growing German football community, it's a podcast that you have to hear. Also good: The Vollmer and Kuhn Show, by the former German football professionals Sebastian Vollmer and Markus Kuhn.
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Beyond Victory | Formula 1 podcast

Nico Rosberg was the last German Formula 1 driver to become world champion in 2016. Shortly afterwards, he ended his career in the premier class of motorsport. In the meantime he is on the move on various levels, including in the podcast scene. On his English podcast Beyond Victory, Rosberg talks to his guests about the background to success. Former Formula 1 colleagues such as Daniel Riccardio or Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, but also other sports legends such as soccer player Xabi Alonso, cyclist Chris Froome or authors such as Matthew Syed are guests. How did the success come about, what did the celebrities give up for it and which anecdotes can they describe about their journey? F1: Beyond the Grid is also concerned with Formula 1.
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Shorthanded News | Ice hockey podcast

There is also a weekly podcast for the runners among you. Ice hockey in Germany and around the world is always about an hour long. Ice hockey is discussed every Monday evening. It can be about a special team from the DEL, an up-and-coming squad from the DEL2, the most promising talents from the U20 national team, the licensing in the major league or the upcoming drafts. Everything about the puck. No ice hockey but field hockey and an interesting concept is also offered by the All or everything podcast. Because here the German internationals chat personally from the sewing box.
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MoSports | Fitness podcast

MoSports from the former German hockey player Moritz Fürste offers a profound and exciting look into the world of fitness. The man from Hamburg talks to German athletes from many different sports and focuses on the topic of fitness. It's not just about who is pressing how many kilos on the leg press, but about everything that has to do with physical fitness. Why do younger athletes need more sleep than older ones, what role do nutrition, motivation and training control play for maximum success? And how did top athletes like swimmer Paul Biedermann really achieve their own goals? Very interesting guests and topics outside the mainstream. There are of course a number of fitness podcasts. For example, the weight room from sports scientist and athletic trainer Damien Zaid, Gannikus or Pushing Limits, who mainly deals with the topics of endurance sports, triathlon, training, regeneration, equipment and nutrition.
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Hand on resin | Handball podcast

Handball is also overshadowed by football in Germany, but it still plays a major role. At the latest at the European or World Championships, the republic is again enthusiastic about handball. But not only then are there fascinating stories about handball. The podcast will be moderated by Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld, or Schmiso for short, a real sports expert. Exciting insider information and in-depth interviews with well-known handball players such as Pascal 'Pommes ‘Hens, national trainer Christian Prokop or sports presenter Alexander Bommes offer you an approximately 90-minute insight into professional handball every two weeks.
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Main athlete | Athletics podcast

At least at the national youth games in school, everyone comes into contact with athletics. And not just a few get stuck in the world of running, jumping and throwing afterwards. The Mainathlet podcast from the heart of Frankfurt deals with all possible disciplines from athletics and invites various protagonists. The interviews deal with more than just personal bests. With Yannik Gerland, for example, it is about the topic of sports scholarships in the USA, with long jumper Maryse Luzolo about how she slowly came back after a very serious knee injury and with nutritionist Kirsten Brüning about myths, fallacies and vegan nutrition in sports. Absolutely worth hearing!
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