How can you feed a common quail?

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Quail feel the most stressed out when they have no place to hide.

This is particularly agony for the hens when laying eggs when they are constantly in the way and are being worked on by the roosters or pushed around by the other hens.

Fir branches serve as a super natural hiding place, including a beautiful mountain of straw or chopped straw and you have wonderfully balanced animals. The number of branches must of course be adapted to the number of animals so that every quail can get hold of such a popular spot and there is no quarrel.

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Eggs should generally not be washed, as otherwise the natural protective layer will be lost. Egg eggs spoil quickly and hatching eggs would tip over or even explode in the incubator as bacteria can penetrate. The whole brood is then lost.

If the egg is lightly soiled, it can be carefully rubbed with a soft cloth.

Heavily soiled eggs must be discarded.

Tip for dirty eggs:

I either use dirty eggs for my kitchen. Before cooking or whipping, they can of course be quickly washed off the faeces so that the inside of the egg does not come into contact with the faecal shell.

Or I cook / fry them and mix them with the daily green fodder. Valuable and rich in protein for the quail.

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A quail needs food all day long, not like chickens, for example, which can eat for several hours.

When quails are not offered small portions of food, they become really aggressive.

A quail takes its ration in small portions throughout the day, so don't be afraid of fat quails :-)

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It can often happen that eggs are laid with double yolks. These eggs appear huge.

A chick will never hatch from such eggs.

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If there is not enough grass, lettuce, carrots, corn, pumpkins (e.g. Hokkaido) or similar coloring and vitamin-rich foods available as food, the quail cannot produce yellow yolks.

Apart from the fact that the quail is missing important components of the food that are absolutely necessary, the yolk also appears completely pale - almost white - which does not look very appealing on the plate.

Attention !

Don't be fooled by the good-looking yellow yolks from the trade. For the most part, these are not due to a healthy diet, but to artificial, chemically produced colorings that the quail gets to eat.

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Each hen has her own, individual egg drawing that differs only slightly.

If you know your quail you know exactly which egg was laid by which hen.

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Quail have a memory. They also recognize their caregiver.

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In the final phase of brood, the chicks communicate with each other while still in the shell with soft "clicks" and soft beeps so that they all hatch at almost the same time.

In this way, the chicks also make their first contact with the hen.

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There are many employment methods that can minimize group disputes ...

Millet stalks attached to the wall, which can be picked together, sand bathing and pecking together, digging together in a large pile of straw or hay are suitable for this. A shovel of earth can keep the dwarfs busy for a long time if there are still insects to be found - so much the better!

If you have large roots in the stable, you can also distribute mealworms there, which the quail have to look for.

There are no limits to the imagination and tensions in the group are reduced to a minimum as the animals can be distracted.

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The yellow the yolk, the more vitamin-rich the quail egg.

Except from factory farming, here the color is achieved by artificial chemical additives.

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Sand bathing together strengthens group membership and cleanses the plumage.

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The first hours of the hatched chicks are the most important.

In this imprinting phase it is possible to get the little ones used to people with a soft voice and warm hands.

This friendship is maintained with regular treats in the course of the quail's life.

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Quail roosters have their favorite hen ...

Therefore it can sometimes happen that the eggs of other hens are not at all or only moderately fertilized.

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Quails recognize their "people" by their voice.

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Quail perceive different colors.

Most quail are frightened by bright colors.

July 11, 2010

My latest find of a "mini quail egg"

The photo clearly shows the difference between a normal quail egg, a 10 cent coin and the mini egg

The mini egg weighs 3 grams including the shell and is 1.6 cm long!

I am still wondering that I even discovered this little egg in the litter ...