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Austrians are drinking more and more natural mineral water. In 2015 it was almost 716 million liters, which corresponds to the content of around three million bathtubs. Waldquelle and Dr. Christian Matthai, gynecologist and qualified nutritionist, sports specialist and vital substance medicine specialist, therefore have to deal intensively with the knowledge of Austrians about mineral water, how important mineral water is for health and what consumers pay attention to when buying should. They therefore give seven answers to the seven most important questions about the healthy thirst quencher.

... that natural mineral water is subject to its own code and is the most strictly controlled food in Austria?
Natural mineral water is of original purity, a hygienically and bacteriologically perfect, pure natural product from an underground water source protected from any contamination. It must be bottled directly at the source or source - this is what the Mineral Water and Spring Water Ordinance (MWQWV) stipulates in connection with the Austrian Food Book (Codex Chapter B17 of the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus). In addition, natural mineral water must meet exact quality criteria and continuously be subjected to strict controls. This is also what distinguishes mineral water quite significantly from soda or table water.

... that there is an "extract from the analysis" on every label?
Close-knit controls guarantee that the legal requirements for natural mineral water are met. For consumers, this can be seen on the label, on which there is an “extract from the analysis”. The analysis date is sometimes several years ago - but that does not mean that there have been no controls since, but is a sign that the quality of the mineral water has not changed even during the most recent controls.

... that not every mineral water tastes the same?
Every mineral water has its own, unmistakable taste, which depends on the region in which the source of the vitalizing thirst quencher is located and which layers of earth and rock the water has penetrated over the decades or even centuries.

... that quality at Waldquelle is also a question of source protection?
For this reason, one of Austria's leading mineral water bottlers has a large protected area around the spring on the Pauliberg (Central Burgenland) - with targeted bans on excavations, drilling or agricultural substances.

... that we should drink enough even in the cooler season?
Humans drink an average of 25,000 liters of water in the course of their life. The body fluids with the highest water content are the brain fluid and the bone marrow, they consist of 99 percent water.

“Water is essential to human life. And since we don't have any fluid stores, it is extremely important to drink regularly, ”emphasizes Dr. Christian Matthai. It should be two to two and a half liters a day - preferably water or natural mineral water or unsweetened teas.

By the way: Although we should drink more in summer because we sweat more during the hot season, we also have to provide the body with sufficient fluids in winter, because according to the Viennese nutritionist, we lose up to 300 ml of fluid a day through normal breathing.

... what makes mineral water so valuable in terms of health?
Due to the different geological conditions of the spring locations, each mineral water has a different composition of minerals. Waldquelle, for example, has an ideal mineral content of calcium (77.5 mg / l) and magnesium (13.6 mg / l). Waldquelle mineral water is also very low in sodium.

Natural mineral water is an ideal thirst quencher, as Matthai describes: “Humans consist of up to 80 percent water or liquid. For example, the kidneys can only fulfill their important detoxification function if they have enough fluid available. ”If you dehydrate - for example because you drink too little and sweat too much - the blood thickens, blood pressure drops and the circulation collapsed. The consequences can include headaches, difficulty concentrating, dizziness and nausea. In addition, if you are dehydrated, water may collect in your legs, feet or arms.

... what should we consider when buying natural mineral water?
In general, there are hardly any guidelines or recommendations for buying mineral water. One question could be about the composition, i.e. the minerals. Another argument is the taste - whether you like it “sparkling”, “still” or “gentle” is very individual. According to the Forum Natural Mineral Water (2015), almost 60 percent of Austrians use sparkling mineral water, 32 percent prefer the gentle version and around nine percent prefer to drink still water. It is interesting to note that, according to a study, twelve percent of the women surveyed prefer to drink still mineral water, while only six percent of men drink it.

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