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Search Engine Optimization: How Are the Prices and Offers for SEO Calculated?

After an ever larger share of the advertising budget is shifted to online marketing - and in most cases also to search engine optimization (SEO) - more and more entrepreneurs and marketing managers are asking the corrected question of how SEO prices are calculated and SEO offers are created.

At this point, it should perhaps first be discussed why reputable providers usually do not work with blanket SEO offers and calculate the prices individually.

The reason for this is that there is a Variety of influencing factors that determine the price for search engine optimization and must be taken into account when creating an SEO offer.

Such key factors are:

1. The type of website

The main thing here is to find out how search engine friendly a website is. If it was created in Flash or with the help of framesets, for example, major renovation work will be necessary to make the website fit for the ranking.

If, on the other hand, a later search engine optimization was already considered when creating the website, at most minor renovation work will be necessary. Depending on the SEO costs are higher or lower.

2. The status quo

Is the website new, already indexed or is it even ranking? In principle, one can say: the older a page, the greater the chance that it will have the first rankings and that it will also have a certain popularity.

New pages have to start from scratch, which means more work. The status quo therefore also plays an important role in SEO pricing.

3. The selected keywords

Another important point regarding SEO costs is the search terms that are chosen for optimization. The more keywords are defined and the stronger they are, the more work and time consuming it will be to achieve the desired results.

4. The goals of optimization

Should only the top positions be achieved with the help of SEO, or should, for example, the online reputation be improved and the competition weakened?

According to the goals of the optimization, the offer for search engine optimization will also become more expensive or cheaper.

5. The target market

It makes a difference whether a small company that is only active in the local area wants its website to have a good ranking in the local search results, or whether an international group wants to have a good ranking on various country portals from Google and Yahoo! should appear at the very front.

It should be clear that the SEO price for a local ranking is far lower than for an international one.

6. The competition

When creating an offer for search engine optimization, the aforementioned points must also be brought into relation with the competition.

  • How big is the competition?
  • What are the competitor rankings like?

These and other questions have a direct impact on the effort that must be made to achieve the goals and consequently also on the SEO costs.

It is important and also distinguishes a professional SEO provider to take these factors into account individually. Every project is different, which is why you cannot count on a blanket SEO offer in advance.

SEO ROI instead of SEO costs

In the context of SEO, the focus should be less on costs and more on ROI. SEO is not about packaging material that is used and has no other purpose, but an investment that has a goal - usually more traffic (visitors), a better reputation and thus more sales.

So this means that one should speak less of SEO costs than one Investment. Consequently, an ROI can also be expected, which should ultimately be used to evaluate an offer for search engine optimization.

An example

There are two SEO offers to choose from:

  • Offer No. 1: Flat rate 50 euros for a one-time search engine optimization
  • Offer No. 2: Individually created SEO offer for 3,000 a year

The layman could come to the fallacy that cheap SEO cannot be so much worse than that a 12 times higher price would be justified.

The reality then looks like that with offer no. 1 no results could be achieved. Offer no. 2, on the other hand, was able to achieve some of the placements. As a result, sales could also be increased by 10,000 euros.

Not a lot of money was spent with offer no. 1, but it also did not increase sales. Offer no. 2 was significantly more expensive, but could also generate a turnover of 10,000 euros. This means that offer no. 2 makes a profit of 7,000 euros, even if it looks more expensive at first glance.

So does SEO have to be expensive to be good?

No way. There are also inexpensive offers that lead to the desired results. As a rule, however, these will be websites that are rather smaller and operate in a niche with little competition.

In principle, one should pay attention to the seriousness of the provider and his SEO offers. Serious providers are characterized, among other things, by the following criteria:

  • SEO prices are calculated individually,
  • no promises are made overnight, but a longer cooperation is offered - SEO is a process that takes time,
  • the SEO offer is broken down into its details,
  • the SEO provider can provide references
  • and has a good ranking for relevant search terms.

At the same time, you should keep your hands off dubious offers for search engine optimization with false promises:

  • We'll get you into the top 3 within two weeks!
  • We register you with over 200 search engines worldwide.
  • Etc.


In professional search engine optimization, you should always opt for quality SEO offers, even if they are a bit more expensive. This is the only way to skillfully use the many advantages of SEO - such as increasing traffic and sales or improving your online reputation.

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