Is Google Adsense still relevant

Why is Google AdSense still important?

Google AdSense is a great way to make money in a simple and straightforward way. Targeted advertisements can be placed on your own website in order to generate additional income.

The design of the ads can be customized so that they can be integrated very well into your own website. With the help of an automatic targeting function, only ads that are relevant to your own user group can be shown. As additional support, Google offers personalized recommendations and online training so that you can get started with the tool quickly. The particular advantage of AdSense is that no direct relationships have to be established with advertisers, as the tool itself has a pool of those interested in advertising. The more advertisers vie for a specific topic, the higher the competition on relevant websites or advertising space.

Another useful feature are ads specially designed for videos and games that run on conventional computers and smartphones. A simple reporting system provides a good overview of your own displays and displays data to measure performance.


Set up your own AdSense account

The great advantage of Google services is that a Google account can be used for all other functions. This is also the case with AdSense. If you already have a Google account, you can use it to log into AdSense.

There is one difference, however. Before all functions of AdSense are fully available, you have to have your own website checked by Google. Depending on the scope, this can take several days. A Google employee checks whether the website is suitable for advertising or not, according to specified guidelines. If the website violates the guidelines, this can also lead to Google rejecting it.

The prerequisites for approval are that sufficient content is available on your own website, navigation is not so cumbersome and the website must be accessible.

If your own website is rejected by Google, the reasons for this are listed in a separate email. There is, however, the possibility of improving the dunned points in order to apply for reactivation.

In order to be able to use AdSense after it has been successfully activated by Google, the HTML code must be integrated. Numerous tools take on this function, so that AdSense can also be used without extensive programming knowledge. However, it is advisable to manually integrate the code into your own website, as this allows the advertisements to be placed in the right place in a more individual and targeted manner. The AdSense code must be included between the and tags in the website's HTML code.

In addition, your own name, address and a valid telephone number should be given so that Google can transfer the money in the event of later income. For your own security, Google can also request confirmation of your own telephone number.

Integrate Google search into your own website

Another way to use Google AdSense sensibly is to integrate Google search into your own website. The benefit is that ads based on user searches are more relevant. The search function can be integrated in the same way as normal advertisements.

However, there are two different ways of showing this to your own users. For content-based websites, it is a good idea for users to be able to search the website and see targeted ads next to the search ads. For search-based websites there is the option of displaying custom AdSense ads in addition to your own search results based on the user's search.

The advantage, especially for content-based websites, is that the AdSense ads are not immediately visible to website visitors. The ads are only shown when the search function is used. This is a huge plus, especially in times of ad overload, as in some cases many users leave the website immediately when they are inundated with advertisements.

However, there is the disadvantage that money is only earned as soon as someone makes a search query and then clicks on one of the displayed ads. The way to earn money is therefore more complex than the usual advertising, but also more hidden.

Here you have to weigh up whether the benefit should lie in the normal advertisement or in the search function. As already described, this mostly results from the target group, the structure and the strategy of your own website. As an alternative, both forms can be integrated. In any case, it is advisable not to place so much advertising on your own site, but to integrate it sensibly into your own content and offer it thematically appropriate to the target group and the topic. It doesn't make sense to run a website about sports and then just run ads about face care products.

Google AdSense already gives helpful tips and suggestions as to which ads might be a good fit for your own website. You can exclude specific subject areas from the outset that are not suitable for your own site and should therefore not be displayed there.