What is the following word deciphered PCHNOAOYC

Call of Duty :: Black Ops Cold War There are a few side missions that you can complete between the main missions, and Operation Chaos is one of them. This mission assigns you to take down an ex-CIA agent and his burgeoning spy ring. However, you cannot get the information you need about the spy ring without decrypting a floppy disk that contains important secrets. This floppy disk has difficult code to crack, but with the right evidence you can solve it. How to decrypt the disk for Operation Chaos in Call of Duty :: Black Ops Cold War.

What evidence do you need for Operation Chaos?

You will need the following evidence in order to successfully decrypt the Operation Chaos disk.

Front page of the observer (Red light, green light)
An encrypted message (Conquer Qasim Javadia in the first mission Nowhere to Run)
Numbers Station Broadcast (Bricks in the wall)

If you missed any of the evidence listed above, retry the listed mission and find the evidence. Once you have all three, it's time to solve the puzzle.

How to decrypt the floppy disk

Investigate to solve the puzzle An encrypted message. Some numbers will appear, leaving two question marks for you to fill in. The red and blue numbers follow a set pattern, and you need to use that pattern to infer the missing numbers. Everyone has different numbers and patternsSo you have to do a little math. In my case, the red numbers added to 6 each time, moving from 28 to 34 to 40 and so on. The blue numbers were incremented each time, adding 1 to the first number, 2 to the second number, 3 to the third number, and so on. Remember that the patterns and numbers will be slightly different on your end.

When you've derived the missing numbers, put them together into a four-digit sequence. Use this four-digit code to check the Numbers Station Broadcast. Find out which city corresponds to your numbers. this is that Passphrase The computer will ask you later.

Next, examine the Front page of the observer. The heading contains a random group of letters highlighted in red. This is actually an encrypted word that will give you your next clue. Next, examine Numbers Station Broadcast. There is a list of locations, and the jumbled red letters on the observer's front page can be changed to the name of one of those locations. For example, if the letters INTUSA are highlighted in red, they can be rearranged to say Austin. Each player has a different location name, So you have to do the detective work yourself.

After deciphering the name of the city, check the Numbers Station Broadcast once more. This time, find the four numbers that correspond to the name of your city. These four digits are the code The computer will ask you for it.

Once you've solved both puzzles, it's time to decrypt the floppy disk. Choose "Decrypt floppy disk”And enter the code and passphrase you got from the above puzzles. If you do this correctly, you will crack the code and get the information you need to start Operation Chaos.

Call of Duty :: Black Ops Cold War is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S available.

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