How different are the Mongolian and Chinese mentalities

Chinese: the world language in the Far East

Your guide to a top-quality translation into Chinese:

1. Do you need short or long characters?

Here you have to ask yourself the question of which target country you need the Chinese translation for. The symbols for Simplified Chinese are used in the People's Republic of China and Singapore. Traditional Chinese, traditional Chinese, is still used today in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

2. Which language combination (s) do you need?

We offer you Translationsall areas of expertise from areas such as technology, trade, environment, research and science as well as highly qualified translators with many years of translation experience in the following language combinations:

  • Chinese - German
  • German - Chinese
  • Chinese - English
  • English - Chinese

With an additional revision according to ISO 17100, the translated text is checked and proofread by a second specialist translator.

3. Typesetting - Desktop Publishing (DTP)

You need a professional translation with a top Foreign language typesetting? Our graphic designers put your translations in the right places, our translators check this during the layout control and we deliver the translations to you in almost all file formats right through to the print-ready file.

Did you know? No spaces are used in Chinese texts, which is why the line break can usually be made anywhere, which makes editing the layout easier. In addition, bold and italic fonts are not common in Chinese.


Have you ever thought about maintaining your in-house terminology? Give us a call, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and support you with terminology management.

What is still important now - in times of Corona.


The Chinese character for crisis consists of the two characters danger (left character) and the character chance (right character).

This sums up the current situation in times of Corona. Both are present in this as in every other crisis. And it opens our eyes to not just look at the danger and let it dominate us. The term chance brings us positive energy and a different orientation towards action. We support you with promising and precise translations into / from Chinese. A healthy optimism takes us further and makes us action-oriented.

Chinese mentality Build relationships and trust.

The better a German knows the Chinese mentality, can interpret the signs and understand the meaning of business rituals, the better the chances of building a long friendship and business relationship. The Chinese spend a lot of time learning as much as possible about their new business partner. These can be very personal things, such as the question of salary or the family situation. What Europeans already interpret as curiosity is a natural process for the Chinese to build trust.

Are you interested in translations into Chinese and looking for the right language service provider? Rely on COMLOGOS as a competent and professional translation service provider and build trust in us. We look forward to you